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Monday, October 4, 2010

Surprise SLC!!!

Well, I have been DYING to post about this for the past few weeks but I couldn't because it was a surprise..and oh what a surprise it was!  This Friday, Seth and I hopped on a plane and headed off to the SLC for a surprise visit and had a wonderful time!  Thank goodness for the 'secret' setting that lets you create an event without everyone knowing because we were able to organize a get together with our friends downtown and never let word get back to the family early that we were in town :)  Friday we got in at 9:00 PM and then headed over to our friend Ashley's for a get together which was followed by a little bit more pre-game at Kody and Ben's before heading to the W Lounge for a great night of dancing and fun!!!  After closing down the W and saying adios to our friends, we stayed downtown at Hotel Monaco to rest up for a full day of family fun and good times that lay ahead!!!

Seth, Me, and some of the gang at Ashley's casa for good times!

Seth modeling the complimentary (well $80) robe at the Monaco!
After a good night's sleep (kind of) we got up and met with Jay (Seth's oldest brother), his girlfriend, and her son and headed over to Mindy's!  When we pulled up to her house, Seth called her and, as the door opened and she saw all of us standing out front, I thought she was going to faint...and Chrissy and Jack both had that same reaction when they walked in the other words: operation surprise the fam was a success!!!  Had a wonderful 36 hours with them: BBQ, birthday presents/cake for Dayton and Uncle Jay, and La Puente...perfection!  Anyway, it was really great to see the fam and we are SO glad we got to have a reunion - Odoyle stlye!

Me and Evie <3

Jack making her special appearance as the ninja from Dayton's dream!

Minday, Dayton, Uncle Seth, and Jack pre-Birthday candle blowout.
Well, as you can see from all the pics, the weekend was great and made us appreciate how awesome our family and friends really are!  While I have said many times before how great it is to be back in D.C., we just want our Utah peeps to know that nobody will ever take your're the bomb dot com and we love you all :)

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Munchy's Mama said...

Awww, I love you guys! You are the BEST brothers and that was the most amazing surprise! Love you-love you-love you!!