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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pampering the Queen

Well, first of all, props to me for remembering to take pics of this weekends festivities!  To kick it off Seth and I enjoyed a nice Friday night to ourselves (thank you Groupon for another yummy dinner at Front Page!) and rested up from a hectic week of my classes all being switched around due to scheduling conflicts...last minute changes make me a grumpy boy :-/  BUT on the upside, last week is done and we are one week closer to the end of the first semester :)

Saturday we got up and headed down to Fredericksburg to spend the day with Mom and fulfill her coupon of "A Day of Pampering" we gave her for her birthday.  We started with lunch at La Pizzeria and then headed to the mall for some pedicures (I tried not to laugh when my feet got tickled but it was hard!).  After gettin our nails did we headed to see "Hereafter" at the new Muvico Village Theater for some VIP seating in there premier seating area...nice, HUGE leather chairs, a full service bar and restaurant, and the best view in the house...nothing but the best for our Momma!  Ended the night with some homemade cookin' at Dad's house before saying goodbye and heading back home to rest up for another day.  Although sadly we can't afford to do things like that as often as we'd like, we are glad to be able to do it when we can :)  We love you Momma!!!

Mine and Seth's feet post pedicure...wrapped up in wax to finish :)

Mom and Seth gettin their classy on at the theater.

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Munchy's Mama said...

Oh wow, that sounds awesome. You guys are the best boys a mama could ever have.
Glad you had a good time.