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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Fun-Filled Fall Frenzy

Hi all!  It's officially Fall, and the first few weeks of school have been FAB-U-LOUS!  Between school, friends, and family, life has been bu-say...but in a good way :)  But don't worry, I won't make you yawn with the details of school (other than the good new that I pass the first part of the bar!)...rather, I will only spill the FUN details!

Two weekends ago, my girlfriends Veronica and Emily hosted a Mary Kay party/brunch that was really fun...and turned into an afternoon of debauchery :)  After buying a microdermabrasion kit, we packed up and head to the H Street Festival, where we danced like crazy...from 3-8PM...and when we walked out all sweaty and tired from the club, we realized it was still light out...#fail! Hehe!  But for real, we had a BLAST!

Veronica with her Mary Kay mask on :)

Seth getting his free Mary Kay facial!

Although last weekend was relaxing, it was back to the (sort of) grind this week, and a busy week ahead...but again, that's too boring to sort out on here, so I will share the fun parts :)

Me and Arlie at Lambda Trivia Night.

Honey...just being Honey!

This past weekend, Seth and I made the treck down to Buena Vista for the Cash family reunion.  It was a long day of traveling, but so good to see our family!  We got home in time to rest up and get just enough sleep for a funday Sunday at the Pups and Pilsners Festival (a fund festival in Alexandria where you could bring your dogs and sample beer from local breweries).  It was a good time and a great end to the last few weeks!

The Double Decker Pavilion = Family Reunion Time!

Pups and Pilsners in Arlington...SO FUN!

Me, Seth, Emily with Maggie, Honey, and Pepper!

Our Family <#
With that, it's time for beddy bye and ready for another day...but until the next time, hugs and love from me to you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Congratulations, Kelli!

I just wanted to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin, Kelli, who was married this weekend to her husband, Chris!!!  Seth and I were able to attend and were happy to share in her special day!

Kelli & Chris' first dance!

Kelli & Skeeter sharing a father/daughter dance!

Peggy & Glen getting their groove on!

Mom & I sharing a dance :)

Carol made this cake...AH-MAZING!

Kelli & Chris cutting their cake.

Carol & Mom served up some delicious cake!

Strawberry, Chocolate, & Brown-Sugar Pound Cake!!!

We are so happy for Kelly and Chris and wish them many years of happiness and love!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School...for the LAST Time!

Hi there!  Well, it's the end of the third week of school, and all is well!  In fact, as crazy as it is, this will be the LAST TIME EVER that I go BACK to school :)  CRAZY!  As you will see below, it's been a busy (and fun, course!) few weeks and life is good!

Me and Daniel at Starbucks before our first class...God bless coffee!

Tensie, Takaya, Veronica, Yasmine, & Me at the first Bar Review!
Despite having just started back to school, a group of us headed off to Ocean City, Maryland and stayed at our friend's condo to enjoy a respite from our first week of law school :)  Although the weather wasn't great, we had a fun time and enjoyed a last hoorah before the real work hits!

Rachel, Seth, Matt, Me, Brooke, Patrick, Veronica, Emily & Matt = FUN!

The crew playing games and enjoying OC!

Although having hoped that this semester would miraculously be a bit more relaxed, things seem to be pretty busy...but that is just an excuse for us to have fun when we can, as is evidenced below from our Labor Day weekend festivities :)

Brooke, Me, Emily, & Veronica at a free Happy Hour I won!

Obviously, the girls had a fun time :)

A visit from my friend = Double Brandon's

Preparing a vodka infused watermelon - YUM!

Our Labor Day picnic set-up at Veronica' fun!!!
Well, that's about all I've got for now!  It's back to the books and waiting for Mistah Seth to get home so we can start the weekend :)  Much love to all!