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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Andrew Comes to Town!

First things first...although this Blog may be a day late, is sure isn't a dollar short...and luckily for me, my Monday is over and I'm ready to write this thing :)  After a busy week last week and a crazy-fun weekend, there's lots to report and not too much time to do here goes nothing!

Last week was spent trying to get ahead and ready for this weekend with Seth's baby bro Andrew.  Although I did take a break to go to a movie screening at the White House (pretty cool!), it was mostly work...but never fear, the weekend brought lots of play to equal out all the work :)  On Thursday, Andrew flew in, and it was a non-stop par-tay until he left! 

Honey loved Uncle Andrew!!!

To kick off his visit, we headed downtown for dinner and drinks, and called it an early night to rest up for a day of touring the city on Friday.  Luckily for Andrew, the tour guide extraordinaire was available on Friday to take him on a tour of the city :)  His favorite spot?  The Air and Space Museum, where he was more the tour guide than I was (he is a helicopter mechanic after all!)  After a day full of sightseeing, we headed home to meet up with Mista Seth for a fun night on the town...after all, we had to show our younger bro that age is just a number :)  We started at a wine bar on U Street, followed by dinner, a comedy show, and more :)  Needless to say, we had a good time and headed home to get some rest for another busy day in D.C.

Seth and Andrew at the Riot Act Comedy Club
On Saturday, we showed Andrew what a D.C. Brunch was all about...bottomless mimosas, good food, and a nice, long nap :)  We met Amy and some of her friends to celebrate her new job with brunch at Beacon Bar and Grill.  Although we were pretty tired out from brunch (and so full we could barely move!), a little nap got us back in shape for another fun night!  We started in Chinatown and worked our way down to Arlington for some Karaoke at Freddie's Beach Bar.  As you will see below, both Seth and I had a good time and showed off our karaoke skills!!!

After making it safely home from karaoke, we hit the hay and got up for one last afternoon with Andrew!  We finished his visit with lunch in Georgetown, said our goodbyes, and Andrew packed up and headed back to Utah.  We had such a blast and hope that he (along with all of the O'Doyle clan) come back to visit soon!  In the mean time, I guess we will have to start planning our next trip out west :)  Until then, lots of love from us to all of you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Priscilla...Queen of NYC

Hey there!  Happy President's Day (boy do I love working for a company that goes by Federal Holidays!)  I sure am glad I had off today though, I was exhausted from our weekend away in New York!  On Friday, after another busy week, Seth and I (along with a few friends) headed off to NYC to have some fun and unwind from all the craziness that is law school :)  We didn't get in until pretty late on Friday, but late is relative I guess, because midnight in Times Square is like noon in D.C. - packed and as busy as can be!  After a walk around the city, some pizza and such, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the weekend!

The gang in Times Square
Saturday we got up and had some breakfast/lunch to give us some fuel for a busy day of touring the city.  One of our friends, Daniel, had never been to New York before...which of course meant we played tour guide and showed him all the must-see spots :)  Central Park, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Little Italy, etc... there wasn't a spot we didn't cover...and our feet told us so after the day was done...but not to worry, our big Italian dinner (and the wine) gave us enough courage/energy to pull ourselves together for a night of dancing and fun!  And to top it all off, some of our favorite New Yorker friends met us to make the night even better!

Strolling the streets of New York

Outside Rockefeller Plaza

 These street performers were pretty funny!

Seth, Me, and Daniel outside the Stonewall Inn 

The size of this dinner was ABSURD...but delish!

The two Puertoricans: Tensie (my law school wife) and me
 After a fun Saturday night, we got up on Sunday morning, ate at our favorite Irish Pub, and headed off to see "Priscilla: Queen of the Dessert."  For those who aren't familiar, the musical was directed by Better Middler and is about a group of three drag queens who are traveling across the Australian desert in a motorhome in search of one of their sons/'s hilarious and a must see for those who like the theater!  Man, do I wish D.C. had theater like NYC!

Tensie, Me, Seth, Daniel, and Lauren at "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert"
Well, that's about all she wrote for this weekend!  We are home safe and sound, and trying to get ahead and ready for another fun Seth's brother Andrew comes to visit!  But until then, much love and happiness to you all :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Struck by Cupid's Arrow

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to you all!  I just thought I'd post a quick post to publicly thank Cupid for striking Seth and I with his arrow...I am one lucky boy, as you will see below :)

I came home to find flowers :)

Seth's surprise: Champagne, Chocolate, and Balloons

As you can see, Honey liked the balloons too!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Is, As Busy Does

Hey ya'll!  Sorry I've been slacking on here lately...but I'm back in action!  Actually, school/work were dominating my life the week before last, so writing a Blog post would have probably bored you anyway :) Nevertheless, we still managed to do some fun things so as to have something to share!

For those who don't know, we love brunch!  In fact, we love it so much that we've formed a Secret Brunch Club :)  Our goal is to try all of the best brunch spots in D.C...all the while taking our mind off of law school and getting in a little weekend relaxation!  Last week (before forming our 17-member Facebook group haha), we went to Level One, and I was happy that Becca (my friend from BYU) accompanied us!  Actually, it was perfect timing since Becca leaves for Mali at the end of the month for her job with the State Department.  In other foodie news, my friend Tensie and I have turned Friday afternoons into a weekly soiree :)  We meet up to get our Vitamin D (courtesy of the tanning bed hehe) and flit around downtown enjoying the city!  This week, we went to CoCo Sala (a restaurant that incorporates chocolate into pretty much everything i serves!) and it was delicious!  So, as you can see, law school might keep me busy, but I refuse to be a dull boy with all work and no play :)

Me and Becca at one last brunch before she leaves :(

The Cocojito (chocolate mojito) - AMAZING!

Workouts are required with all my food intake...
see the heart sweat stain? :)
With all the galavanting around, we still make sure to have some family time :)  Last night we drove to Baltimore to celebrate my Aunt Tita's birthday, and man was there a lot of good food!!!  My stomach can't take all this eating...but a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do :)  Oh, and since we are talking about family time, you will see from the video below, our little family is quite silly...but we sure love each other, silliness and all!

Seth and Honey go Bollywood :) 

Other than family time, we are very luck to have so many amazing friends :)  As a matter of fact, we had an impromptu party last night and had a great time!  Although the initial plan was to meet and visit at our house and then head out on the town, the winter weather (and Metro rail work) put a kink in our plans and forced us to stay home...but it sure made for some funny stories :)  

All our girlfriends LOVE Seth...but not as much as I do :)
Well, that's about all I've got this, it's bed time and this boy has lots to do in the morning :)  Until next week, much love!