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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Weekend of Restoring Sanity

This weekend was such a treat!  My friend Effney from L.A. flew in to town for John Stewart/Stephen Colbert and stayed with us for the weekend.  I love having visitors because, among other reasons, it forces me to take a break from the craziness and restore some sanity to my life...literally! :)

Effney got in on Thursday and we had a fun two days of sightseeing (I love playing tour guide!) in DuPont, Georgetown, and, of course, checking out the monuments down at the Washington Mall.  Seeing as it was Halloween weekend, we had to make time for a little bit of spookiness and went with some friends to Markoff's Haunted Forest out in the middle of nowhere Maryland...creepy but FUN!

Effney and Seth in Georgetown.

Me, Effney, Beah, and Matt at the Haunted Forest.

Saturday was INSANE and I'm not sure how much sanity was to be found at John Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity but it was a really cool experience!  We picked up Sarah Palin (see below) and head downtown for hours of sheer craziness...initial estimates are that over 200,000 people attended...and it showed!  The streets were wall to wall people for blocks and blocks!  Anyway, we had a fun time and then made our way through the crowds after Ozzie Osbourne and a few others performed...good times!

Sarah Palin is in the house!!!

Quite a few characters this weekend!

Our section of the Mall on the day of the Rally.
Bad view? Climb a tree!
 After making it through the crowds and hoping on the Metro (all while still dressed as Sarah Palin) we headed down to Virginia to meet Mom, Aunt Carol, and Marge to go see 'Chicago' at Riverside.  Good times, good company, and a good night!

Mom, Carol, and Marge looking good for 'Chicago!'
  Well, now it's time to sign off and come back to work is piling up and it's time to get more month to go!!!

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