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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Utah and Bear Lake Revisited

Well, I may be a little bit late with this post, but I blame that on all the fun we had on our trip to Utah and how long it took me to recover :)

Last year was our first O'Doyle family vacay to Bear Lake...and we had so much fun that it has now become a tradition!!!  We rent a condo on the beach, enjoy some fun on the water courtesy of Jay's boat, and feed our faces while soaking up the sun...couldn't be a better getaway :)

A view from the pretty!

Family time on the beach!

The Longhurst boys at the helm of the boat.

Me swimming back to the boat after some tubing action.

Me, Evie, and Nolan <3 td="">

Mindy and the kiddos enjoying a boat ride.

These were the biggest pizzas I've ever seen!!! YUM!

After a great weekend in Bear Lake it was back to Utah to spend some more time with the family and catch up with our friends.  It seems like we never have enough time to do it all...but we sure try!!!  Between all the dinners, parties, and other fun, our time in Utah flew by so quickly that it almost feels as if we were never even there :(

Seth and Jack...such a cute mother-son duo :)

Dayton earned his Wolf and even got to pin Mindy with the honor :)

Nielsen's Frozen Custard...deeee-lish!

Me, Edin, Tatum, and Seth at Adam's house.

Seth with Ashley and Eric's cute new pup!

Friends' Night at Sapa these guys!!!

Whit and fitting!!!
After 10 wonderful days, the time came to pack up our bags and head back east...but never fear, another visit to Utah is always near :)