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Monday, February 28, 2011

Half Way...Almost!!!

Can I just say, this has been one busy week!!!  Between mid-terms, assignments from the Brief I work on, and other school stuff, I am more ready for Spring Break than ever!!!  Seriously though, school has pretty much consumed my life (more than usual) so this week has been pretty boring (just judge for yourself from the picture below)...but it won't be boring for much longer :)

The weekend was obviously exciting :)

 Most exciting moment of the week: losing my keys!  OK, so I need to preface this story by explaining that I only have one pair of car keys (I lost the other pair two years ago when I worked in Ohio) and have been needing to get a copy since then.  Mom, always being the first to say "I told you so," has been reminding me to get a copy made and, last week, I finally agreed to take it to the dealership next time I went to visit.  Literally the next day, as I was taking Honey for a walk, I pulled out her treat bag and must have pulled my keys out with it!  As we got back to the house, I reached for my keys and no luck!  Luckily we have a concierge to let us in, or I would have been stuck outside waiting for Seth (and I had to be at a meeting, so that would have been no bueno!)  Anyway, I learned that an all-wheel drive car, parked in a garage, with no key is pretty hard to actually took two tow-truck drivers to get me out...but they did it!  Long story short (and $300 later) I learned my lesson and now have a key to my car again!  I guess mother's always right :)  Adios until the next time!

My baby at the dealership via the tow-truck

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a Wonderful Week

Hey there!  First, sorry I slacked off this weekend in the Blogosphere...I kind of had a boring week (a.k.a. school, school, school) last week speckled with a couple of job interviews.  I didn't really want to bore you, but, now I have a fun update or two to share :)  First, speaking of interviews...I got a job!!!  I will be working as an intern in the Federal District Bankruptcy Court of Maryland (in Baltimore) for Judge Nancy Alquist.  I am SO excited - working for a judge (especially on the federal level) is great experience and one of the best things first year law students can do!!!  Like I said, the Court is located in Baltimore, so it will be a bit of a commute but will TOTALLY be worth it!  I feel like a real adult haha - I will have to take the train into work, I get my own office, and (from what I understood in my interview with the judge) will be given a lot of freedom in my work and play a key role in her chambers...luckiest. boy. ever.  After the interview, I felt really good about working there, especially since it's only the judge, her clerk, her assistant, and her scheduler/decorum person a.k.a. I will get a lot of face time with the judge and have a chance to really put into practice everything I have learned so far!  Also, on a funny note, it's all ladies in her office, so I will let you know how it goes, although I think I will be just fine haha :)

Good morning, Baltimore!!!

Anyway, enough about school and it's time to talk about LOVE :)  Valentine's Day was Monday, and Seth and I celebrated with a low key night at home.  We made take and bake pizza and ate that for dinner with a salad, chocolate pastries (and Mrs. Field's cookies via Aunt Carol), and red wine/pink champagne (gotta keep in the spirit of things!) and then relaxed with some TV and an early night's rest...does that mean we are getting old!?!?  Anyway, I'm glad Cupid struck me with his arrow, cause I sure do love Seth :)  Besides that, nothing much new to report, but hope all is well for each of you!  Enjoy the rest of your week - it's on the downhill side now!!!  Love you all and will talk to you soon!  xo

Valentine's Day dinner <3

All you need is a ring, a book, and a flashlight <3

Sunday, February 6, 2011

GQ Bombay Party

OK, so I mentioned a while back that I won a contest through GQ magazine and Bombay Sapphire Gin.  The iPad was the first part of the prize but, the second part was a party at our house sponsored by Bombay!  Well, last night was the party and it was so much fun!  Around 6:00, Gary (Bombay's Master Mixologist) arrived (straight from his home base in Miami) with tons of Bombay, mixers/garnishes, and FREE (I love anything free) cocktail glasses!  Shortly after, the caterer came with TONS of YUMMY food (even enough leftover for some late night munchies)!  Once the set-up was done, our friends came over and a great night of fun began :)  Gary was great and is truly a master mixiologist!  After the party at the casa was over, we hoped on the Metro and moved it down to DuPont for some more fun and dancing at Public Bar...good times! 

Emily, Emily, Veronica, and Kim muddling some drinks.

Emily, Seth, Emily, Tensie, Me, Veronica, and Kim.

Tensie, Gary the Mixologist, Me, and Seth at Public Bar.
Anyway, after a nice walk with Honey, we spent the day cleaning-up and resting up for another week...and now it's time for the Super Bowl!  Hope that life is good and all is well wherever this finds go and have yourself have a great week!!!

Honey Child

Well, for those of you who weren't aware, Seth and I have a new addition to our family...our adopted dog Honey!  Yeah, it was kind of sudden but, we had been talking about getting a dog for a while and the timing just seemed right, so we made the plunge!  We did some research and knew we wanted to adopt a dog from a rescue.  We also knew that we wanted a smaller dog that didn't shed too much.  After some research, we found Honey at the Arlington Lost Dog Rescue.  Honey is a Basenji breed, about 25 pounds, and (best of all) is hypoallergenic so I don't have any allergy problems :-) 

We brought her home last Saturday and she has been a bundle of joy and brought so much happiness to our home every day!  She has settled in quickly to her new home and is a very happy doggy :)  Honey loves a big belly rub and playing with her ball, but she especially loves time with her daddies...and she never fails to welcome us home with jumps and love!  Seth and I are excited for each of you to meet Honey and know she can't wait to meet you either.  Woof woof!

Honey and her trusty ball.
Seth & Honey at PetSmart.
Honey loves her naptime!!!