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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dash for Dad...and Mom on the Metro!!!

Spending time with my parents (although I never thought it was possible many years ago) is SO much fun!!!  Mom and Dad made the trek to come and see us today...and got on the road early enough to make it in time for the 8:00 AM race (and still made it even though they got lost...hehe!)  Seth and I (in an attempt to start gearing up for the National Marathon in March) have been registering for some local races.  Today we rand the Dash for Dad 10K to End Prostate Cancer and both got qualifying times for the marathon.  Mom and Dad walked to 2-Mile Course and beat us back to be there cheering us on at the finish line...what good sports they are :)  

Seth, Me, and Mom post-race.

Seth, Me, and Dad post-race.
Dad: "I could have done the 10K faster but your mother held me back"
Mom: "Yeah right!"

After the race we headed back home to show Mom our home since she had never been here and then headed downtown to the DC Fiesta (Latin-American festival).  Since we live so close to the Metro it is always quicker to just hop on the train and head down...and this was Mom's FIRST time ever riding the I made a big deal about it and took pictures just like she did to me on the first day of school haha! 

Mom's first time on the Metro!!!  What a big girl :)

Anyway, took the Metro down to Mt. Pleasant to check out the DC Fiesta in all of its glory...and I felt like I was back in East L.A...tacos, balloons, and espanol all around :)  Had fun walking around and seeing the festivities and then headed back into town for lunch...although I'm having second thoughts about not getting some food from the vendors now :)  

Me, Mom, and Seth at DC Fiesta.

Mom and Dad left a little while ago to make sure they were home for the Redskins game and now it's time to crack the books open (boo!) but just wanted to give a shout out to two of the coolest parents in the world (no matter how dorky you may be hehe) - we love you Mom and Dad!  

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Munchy's Mama said...

So proud of the folks! Sounds like everyone was taking some big steps. Love you!