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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brandon Roman, Attorney at Law...sort of...

Well, I sure have been quite the slacker lately...and I'm not even in school yet!?!?  While not the most exciting, these past two weeks of being blogless have been pretty busy though...not that it's an excuse to be MIA, but still...I guess it kind of kicked in that I only had two more weeks to get 'er done so I've been running around finishing up everything and enjoying my last little bit of freedom!  When I think about it, I'm honestly really not quite sure where the time all went...I hope that time doesn't pass that fast in school cause I might not be able to get all my work done if it does...and I know some of you are counting on me to get my degree and represent you when your shenanigans go awry so I better get it done :-O

Anyway, amongst all my 'piddling' these past few weeks, I have actually gotten a lot done and had some fun in the process!  The apartment is now (almost) finally ready, so pics are coming soon.  I've also been really lucky to have spent the past three weekends with my family (and seeing as I will have no life starting in 36 hours, I'm glad I got to see them now).  Two weeks ago I went with my mom, Aunt Carol, and Uncle Skeeter (no Seth due to a conflict with his busy work schedule - frowny face) to Pittsburgh for a Colorado Rockie's baseball game.  My cousin Chrys' husband Tom is one of their coaches so he got us all tickets and we had a really fun weekend root, root, rooting for the away team ;-)

Mom, me, and Uncle Skeeter at PNC Field in Pittsburgh.
The and last weekend have been nice as well with Seth and I trekking down to good old Fredericksburg and spending Saturday nights at my mom's to visit and get in some brownie points before I go into hiding in the law library this fall.  Speaking of which...I have actually already officially begun the transition from a summer of fun to a fall of studying!!!  We had orientation this past Thursday and Friday and already have readings and assignments due on our first day of class...which made me realize that we aren't in Kansas (or Provo for that matter) anymore...yikes!  It was really nice to have some guidance as to what to expect though and help get back in school mode.  I've been really nervous with the start of school looming ahead since I've been out of school for a year, but after going through orientation, getting myself all ready with books and such, and even getting a thumbs up from my professor for asking a good question during orientation, I feel like I'm ready to rock it and start this next part of our journey!!!

Me outside my new school!

Just wanted to leave a big thanks here to my family, friends, and of course Mista Seth for all of your love and support!  Although the past two weeks haven't been SUPER exciting, I promise to do better about blogging (although I can't promise it will be super interesting...unless you find torts or contracts to be exhilarating haha!) and keeping you all in the loop!  Much love until next week (and hopefully I will have gotten at least some sleep and be coherent enough to write again)  and please wish me luck!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Well, this has been quite the busy (but fun!) week!   Last week we found out that Brooke was offered a job here in D.C. and, next thing we knew, she and her parents were in the car and headed for the East Coast!!!   The Franklin gang got here mid-week and we got to spend some time with them at Mr. Smith's piano bar over sangria and (much to Daddy Franklin's disappointment) some not very cold beer! :( It was nice to have both of our girls in one place at the same time and to know that it wasn't just for a few days on a vacation but that it was for real...we actually all LIVE in Washington, D.C....our dream has finally come true!!!

Momma Franklin, Brooke, and me at Mr. Smith's

Anyway, our happy hour at Mr. Smith's was just the beginning of a great weekend with friends.  Although Amy flew back to Tulsa for the weekend on Friday, we still had a full house for the weekend because our other friends Jen and Liz came to visit and spend the night to celebrate Jen's 24th birthday.  Jen (my girlfriend who is studying to become an optometrist in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) was home for the weekend so with some help from Liz (my girlfriend from since I was a lil tike on swim team), we threw her a b-day bash at our place with some homemade red velvet cake (in honor of red hair of course :D ) and then hit the town in Georgetown for some drinks and fun!!!  Made it home (thank you Metro for being our faithful chauffeur) and got some Z's cause we are all getting old and need our beauty rest! :)

German pancakes and recovery the morning after!!!

After waking up late and getting ourselves together, Seth and I spent the rest of the weekend enjoying Brooke's company and resting up from the busyness.  Went to Chinatown on Saturday for dinner, some window shopping (emphasis on WINDOW, no real shopping thanks to my student budget haha!), and saw 'Inception' (good movie!).  Spent Sunday gettin 'er done and getting ourselves ready for another busy week here in our nation's capital.  Although it's only been a month since we have left Utah, it is hard to imagine all that has happened in our lives in such a brief span.  While we miss our family and friends back out west, we wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything.  Life is treating both of us so wonderfully and we feel blessed every day to wake up to each other and with all of the other wonderful people in our lives (near and far) who surround us with their love daily - thank you!!!

Well, I guess it's time for me to get my butt in gear and get going but hope you all start your weeks off great and that each day brings you nothing but good :)  Love you all - til the next time...