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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Clap on, Clap off Kind of Week!!!

Well, is it sad that last week about the most exciting thing that happened was when our Clapper came?!...absolutely not I say because it was the low key kind of week/weekend that we were in need of!  As for the Clapper...well, yes, we really did order a Clapper but it's because the lamps in our bedroom are on the wall that isn't operated by the light switch so they have to be turned off manually.  Needless to say Seth, our problem solver, decided to fix that by letting us use a little clap on, clap off action...and we love that the early 90's are alive and well in our house :)

This weekend was pretty chill too.  On Friday night I got the chance to entertain and cook for some of our friends.  Made some chicken parmigiana and pasta and had a good time before heading downtown to birthday party for girl in my section at school.  Had fun (maybe a little too much fun judging from the morning after haha)  and then got up and met Aunt Carol in Alexandria for lunch and a planning session for our New York trip...sooo excited!  Other than that it's been a weekend filled with school, TV, and cleaning house aka my way to de-stress :)  Well, it's time for Peapod to come with our groceries and then we're ready to end the weekend with some 'Desperate Housewives'...hope this week's update didn't put you to sleep but next week looks to be a little more exciting since Mom will be involved :)  Til the next time!

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Munchy's Mama said...

So jelly of the clapper!(o=