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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ski Trip 2013

Why hello there!  It's been another busy week, but I got all rested this weekend :)  Seth, Tensie, Emily, Matt, and I packed up and headed to Wintergreen Ski Resort in the "mountains" of southern Virginia.  It was the PERFECT weekend and just what the doctor ordered: time with friends, skiing in the fresh air, and relaxing at the spa!  Since words can't express how wonderful the weekend was, I'll let the pictures say it better :)

Maggie likes to play in the snow :)

Honey helped us get all packed...sad she couldn't come :(

Climbing the stairs to our weekend cabin.

A view from our balcony - so pretty!

I wish we had a fireplace at our cozy!

Family Dinner at the cabin...pasta, salad, bread, and wine :)

On the slopes...such a freeing day on the mountain!

The moonlight on the mountain was so pretty!

Hot cocoa to top off our skiing adventures :)

Even skiing couldn't stop us from game night...we played dirty charades :)

One last view from the top of the "mountain!"
Well, as you can see, the weekend was picture perfect...but now it's back to reality and off to bed...another busy week awaits us in the morning :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration 2013: #forward

Hello again!  It's been another eventful week in our crazy life...and boy what a week it's been, especially living in D.C...but first things first :)  As I may have mentioned, since this semester is a bit more low key than previous ones, I've joined a Kickball league that plays (indoor right now) every Thursday night.  It's really fun and a bunch of my friends are on the team, so it makes for a fun time :)  This week was our first game of the season and we played a team that was mostly med students from Howard...good times!

The majority of the rest of the week was fairly low key, as I was recovering from a cold...but never fear, I'm all recovered and got better just in time :)

Maggie loves any excuse to snuggle with her daddy!

Dinner at Cafe Brandon: Chicken, Spinach & Tomato Pasta w/ Wine :)

Matt & Em at 90's Night...SO fun but it made me feel old! 
 Luckily for me, we had an extended weekend in honor of MLK Day and the Inauguration...and living in DC made it even more exciting :)  We ended up getting tickets to the Inauguration and went down to the mall to soak it all in in person!  Now, while some people may be of varying political ideologies, one thing I think we can all agree on is the amazing process by which we peacefully transition (or reaffirm, in this case!) power.  Being on the mall and seeing former Presidents Clinton and Carter, our Senators and Congressman, and other distinguished public servants was a wonderful experience...not to mention Beyonce's performance :)

Congratulations, Mr. President!

Emily, Me, Emily, Veronica, & Sarah all bundled up!

A view of our Nation's Capitol...a miraculous sight!

Thanks to our Armed Forces for keeping us safe!
All in all, living in D.C. (especially on days like today) reminds me how much I want to run for public office one day...and until the next time, may God bless you and may God continue to bless to United States of America!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Annnnd...It's Back to School

Hey there!  Well, I'm officially back to school and have begun my last semester of school...ever!  I can't believe I've spent 27 years of my life in school...and it's all coming to an end...kind of surreal :)  The first week of school was really low key, especially since all of my classes hadn't started yet!  I spent most of my time piddling and wrapping up a few loose ends from Winter Break before things start to pick up...but nevertheless, I'm going to try my best to keep things from picking up too much :)

Our Family Chalkboard Frame <#

My beloved Roomba has been hard at work :)
 This weekend was fairly low key...well, after Friday night that is!  I won a Happy Hour at Sign of the Whale, so a bunch of friends joined us to celebrate the end of our first week of class :)  We had a good time, but called it an early night...we had to get up on Saturday to head to Fredericksburg and celebrate my Uncle Skeeter and cousin Nathan's birthdays!  So up we got and off to dead Fred we went...and time with the fam was well worth the drive :)  It was fun to see everyone and eat some of Carol's homemade birthday cake...YUM!!!  I think Carol and Mom should have their own baking show...Carol suggested "Cooky Cakes" - hehehe!  I would long as I got to have some cake in return!  After a fun day with everyone, we headed back home to relax and enjoy some downtime at Casa de Romanhurst before another week!

Tensie, Brooke, and the gang at my Sign of the Whale Happy Hour.

Tensie and Brooke looking purdy :)

Me and my friend Grace.

Me and Tensie :)

A view of the construction in Fort Totten...coming along nicely!

Happy Birthday, Skeeter...we love you!

Honey and Maggie on the way cute!
Well, that's all for now, so until the next time - many hugs and much love!  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hi again!  As you could see from the previous post, our Christmas was quite eventful...but never fear, so was our New Year :)  Although our DC friends were all gone, Jen, Mike, and Kody flew in to pick up the slack and kick off 2013!

 Jen and Mike got in a day before Kody, so we took Mike downtown and showed him around the city. Kody actually flew in on New Year's Eve, so we picked him up just in time for the festivities...and boy was it a night to remember :)  We kicked off the night with dinner at Ping Pong (a dim sum restaurant) before heading to Nellie's (for drinks) and Town (for dancing!!!)...and then to buy a jumbo slice of pizza...and another one :)  After a night of rest, we got up and headed to a New Year's brunch at Level One.  Sadly, Jen and Mike had to leave after brunch :(  Luckily, we still had another day with Kody...which consisted of more food...and a piercing or two...but don't worry, they weren't mine :)

Jen and Mike got educated at the museum.

Jen and Mike at Maddy's Tap Room

New Year's pre-game festivities at Casa de Romanhurst

Calvin and me at Nellie's

Seth, Calvin, Kody, Jen, and Mike enjoying Jumbo Slice :)

Riding the escalator to brunch...a long ride!

Seth, Kody, and me at Level One.

Mike, me, and Jen at Level One.

Kody got his ears pierced before heading back to Dominica :) 

After all was said and done, the Romanhurst clan was tired :)
After a great Holiday season and with 2012 officially behind us, it's on to what is shaping up to be a great until the next - may peace, prosperity, and love fill your new year :)

Christmas Utah Style

Hi there!  I've been a busy boy these past few fact, I've been so busy that I haven't blogged since last year :)  I can't believe it's 2013 (luckily, the world didn't end hehe!)...time sure does fly, as did Winter Break!  We had a jam-packed 10 days in, friends, and LOTS of fun!  But rather than bore you with all the details, I'll let the pictures tell the story :)

Brett, Victor, Scott, Whit, Me, & Seth at the Bayou for a welcome lunch :)

Uncle Sef reading to Miss Evie

The reading tuckered them both out and required a nap!

Uncle Seth and Baby Kennedy...our first time meeting the lil' one :)

Seth's first piece of literature circa 5th Grade

Santa paid a visit to our hotel room bearing gifts!

Friends' Dinner...they are THE BEST!!!

Santa took time to visit us at dinner too :) 

Family Christmas...Santa was too good to us!!!

Seth and Mini-Seth...I love them both :)

Seth playing Giant Jenga...SO FUN!!!

Adam hosted a little get-together at his house for us :)

Look, it's Cookie want cookie!

We had a White it!!!

Emily, Seth, Me, Whitney, Carly, & Paul at Cafe Rio - yum!

After all was said and done, Seth needed another nap :)
Well, as you can see, we had quite the eventful visit and are so happy we got to head home for the Holidays!  Now if only Utah were closer to D.C...