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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Woah, I'm Half-Way There...Livin on a Prayer!

Well I almost can't believe it but, it's true...the end of this past week marked the half-way point of my first semester!!!  Time is actually passing really fast because I am really enjoying what I'm doing (although on days I have to get up before the Sun you might have to remind me of that)!  And in spite of all the work, we still seem to know how to have a good time! On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend my initiation into the national chapter of Pi Alpha Delta.  It was actually a really cool experience - we met inside the main hall of the U.S. Supreme Court (hopefully my future office haha!) and were inducted by Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor!  Although there was a happy-hour after, Mista Seth took me out for a special celebration over dinner and drinks at Front Page in DuPont instead :)

Justice Sotomayor reciting the PAD oath.
Anyway, like I said above, since this weekend marked the halfway point of our first semester AND because it was also my friend Emily's B-Day, it also meant it was time to let loose a little bit!  We took advantage of the "foody" nature of D.C. and went on a double date with our friends Beah and Matt - got some Tapas (no, not topless everyone haha!) at this restaurant in Chinatown called La Tasca (we have been wanting to try it forever) and then headed off to Em's for her party and some good times!  We had to get up pretty early the next day but still ended up hangin til pretty lets see who says we're old!

Some of the girls out to celebrate Em's B-Day!

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Munchy's Mama said...

Yay! 1/2 way! What? No frat party? Congrats law-boy!