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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School, Back to Blogging

OK, so summer is winding down and school starts tomorrow, so I figured it would be a good time to re-launch this Blog and get it going for real!  My excuse?  See the link :)

My Excuse

More to come soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall Madness

So, you may have heard of March Madness, but I bet you've never heard of Fall Madness!  Well, there are two reasons for that: 1) I just made up the term and 2) you're not in law school.  (Insert sigh of relief/craziness here!) For those of you who aren't aware, fall is a craaaazzzzayyyy time for second year (2L) students because of fall recruitment.  Essentially, you apply like mad to all of the law firms you want to work for (as a summer associate in 2012) and start interviewing with those firms who are interested in you.  If you are lucky enough to get an interview, it is not a very carefree process (preparing for an interview is kind of like studying for a final, but a little more intimidating because you have no idea what's on the test and you have to ace it!).  The first interview is a rough go, because it's only 20 minutes, and the interviewer have about 20 interviews in a day, so you realllly have to use that as a chance to set yourself apart.  If you get past the screening interview, it's then on to a day of interviews with 5-7 lawyers at the firm, with a lunch/interview to break up your day.  Two words: stress-ful!

Right now, I'm on the application/screening interview steps.  Yesterday, I took the bus to New York and interviewed with Arnold & Porter and Chadourne & Park.  The interviews went well, but apparently Chadbourne wasn't feeling me (I kind of expected that since I was originally an alternate for them, and only got the interview because someone else dropped out) and already sent me an e-mail this morning saying that they wouldn't be pursuing anymore interviews with me - ouch!  One things for sure, you learn to take rejection  as a law student (and it gets easier with time, because you get lots of practice haha!)  On the upside, A&P is still pondering whether or not to offer me further interviews (fingers crossed!) and I'm currently at 30,000 feet on my way to L.A. for an interview with Mitchell, Silberberg, & Knupp (wish me luck!).

After this meal, I was ready for my flight :)  

Aside from interviews in NYC/L.A., I'm about to begin 13 weeks of interviewing in D.C. (I got an interview next week, and find out each Friday whether I'm offered interviews for the firms that are interviewing the following week - it's a crazy, long, detailed [but helpful!] process).  In addition, I'm also going to reach out to contacts in Utah and send in some direct applications for a summer associate position (so hook a brotha up if you're in Utah and have any attorney contacts with whom I could speak!)  And, lets not forget that I have a wonderful contact in my Judge from this summer who has promised to help me in finding a firm job in Baltimore.  So, all things said and done, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic :)  And, worst case scenario, if I get lots of rejection, I will just pick up my trophy from the Judge (see below) and smile :)

Awarded to me by the Judge and it says:
Gay, ex-Mormon, Hispanic Attorney Category
Best Intern in the World - 2011.  <3

With an award like that, how could I ever not have a smile on my face :)  Speaking of smiles, I hope you all have one on your face and keep it there forever :)  Love you lots and, until the next time, hugs to you!

Opulent Open House

Hi there!  Well, it's hard to believe that the wedding that goes on and on is officially over now that the Open House is over :-(  But don't fret, that means we can start planning Anniversary parties :-P  Anyway, back to the Open House, we owe a TREMENDOUS thank-you to Mom for hosting such a nice, fun, and packed open house!  It was great and everyone had a good time!  Also, thanks to Aunt Carol and Dad for there help and contributions to the shower - the cake-pops were amazing, as were the meatballs (as always!)  It really was nice to be able to share a little bit of our wedding with so many of our loved ones back East, so for those of you who made it, THANK YOU!!!

Pre-Party: Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Feta Cheese - yum!

Hosted a Pre-Open House Party the night before :)

Me, Amy, Brooke, Kristin, and Seth at the Open House.

Wish I had more pics of the Open House to share (I only got the one with the girls because some of us are vain hehe!), but it will have to suffice by my description of the night: awesome!  Anyway, that's about all I got for now, but again, thanks to EVERYONE who has been so loving and supportive throughout all of our wedding festivities - we really appreciate it and love you all more than words can say :) xoxo