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Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm My Own Grandpa!?

OK, so first, I'm not really my own grandpa but, hey, if you had been at our family reunion in good ol' Buena Vista, VA (or as the fam says "bew-na" vista) in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you would see why that might not be too heard to imagine (I mean, with nicknames in the family like Bug, Rooster, Pig, and Cute, who wouldn't wonder haha!)  Second, I'm SO annoyed I didn't remember my camera...although to my credit, getting up at 6:30AM after a night downtown wasn't too easy!  Anyway, no camera = no pictures, so the pretty little invite that Seth designed is gonna have to suffice :)

The Reunion Invite...thanks Mista Seth!
Got up super early on Saturday and went to pick-up my favorite Marge and headed down to Fredericksburg to meet Mom and Dad to make the drive to the reunion.  It's about a three hour drive down to Buena Vista but it is always a fun trip, especially when my family is all trapped in one car :)  It was really good to see all the extended family (most of whom I hadn't seen since the last reunion in 2007) and, as was to be expected, LOTS of good food was to be had!  Anyway, we had a great day and then came home to enjoy some shuteye and a relaxing rest of the weekend!!


Pamela said...

Somehow, not having a camera to 'record' your family history with kin-folk's like 'Bug' and 'Rooster' is inexcusable! Don't they have disposable cameras for sale at the local 'Gas & Pass' filling station in Bew-na Vista? Sounds like some of the family reunions in my family's past(paternal side). My uncle 'Doodle', was certainly a favorite.

Munchy's Mama said...

I'm thinkin' good ol' Bew-na Vista sounds like the place to be. Very entertaining. Did Mista Seth join you?