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Monday, October 25, 2010

Moe Comes to Town!!!

I LOVE living in D.C. because it means I get to play host and tour guide much more often than I did in Salt Lake :)  For example, we have friends coming to either visit or spend the weekend three times over the next two months...and we even had one quick but SPECIAL visitor today!  One of my best girlfriends, Maureen, was in town for her grandma's 80th Birthday party and that meant a visit to our casa was in order!  Moe came over this evening (after a busy day of study and cleaning of course!) and we had a great visit...dinner and gossip are the key to our hearts <3 

Me and Moe :)
Anyway, time flew and we took Moe back to her Aunt's via a scenic drive across the Chesapeake Bay...good times!   Well, it's about that time so I'm off to bed to get ready for another week but we hope to play host to you all soon!  xo :)

1 comment:

Munchy's Mama said...

Can't wait til' we're the visitors!! (o= Love you!!

P.S. Moe seems really nice and cute (via Skype of course)