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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Been a Marathon of a Week

Heyyyyyy!!!  What a loooong and busy week and a half it's been since I was last here...but luckily the week is almost done (Thursdays are my Fridays hehe!) and I've got time to catch you all up :)

First of all, school has been soooo time consuming lately (more than usual), but its actually a GOOD thing!  My LAST legal writing assignment just got turned in yesterday and I have been interviewing like crazy trying to get things lined up for Fall...and so far, so good!  I interviewed with Judge Laura Cordero (a referral from Maria) and was offered a judicial internship with her at the DC Superior Court this Fall...hooray!  Also, I'm in the final round of interviews to be a Dean's Fellow (kind of like an assistant to the Dean and mentor for next year's new students) next Fall.  I've been so lucky and blessed to have lined up such great I decided to give back :)  We have a charity auction at school every year, so Seth and I went and got some cool stuff (comedy tickets, boxing lessons, and personal training sessions) in exchange for a donation that goes to help provide scholarships for students to provide legal services to those in need!  Oh, and did I mention that I also gave back by lending my face to a photo shoot for our school's "Prospective Student" literature :-D

Speaking of a marathon week, Seth and I celebrated our TWO YEAR anniversary by running the SunTrust National Marathon!!!  Since we've both been so busy between work and school, neither of us had really properly trained for the full marathon.  Being a SANE and reasonable person, Seth decided just to run the half marathon...and come the end of mile 26.2, I was wishin I had done the same thing haha!  Even though I walked like an old man for two days, I'm glad we did it and am ready to pick out our next race!

Me and Seth (with our medals) post-marathon
After the race, Seth and I headed home for a much needed nap before heading down to Fredericksburg to celebrate Seth's Birthday with the folks :) First things first, however, Seth and I met one of my oldest friends, Liz, for her birthday celebration at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Fun times but, given the state of my body after the marathon, we didn't stay too long haha!  While we were gone, Grandma Roman babysat her one and only granddaughter, Honey Child!  Mom tries to pretend it stresses her out to watch her, but we know better ;)  Anyway, on Sunday we got up and headed to lunch at La Pizzeria for some pizza, presents, and cupcakes for Seth's 25th (aka quarter of a century) birthday!

Seth, Liz, & Me at Cancun Margarita Grill in the 'Burg
Although the beginning of the week has been just as crazy as can be, we still made time to enjoy Seth's actual birthday with a nice dinner and a Skype session with the Utah fam...some of who will be here in SIX DAYS!!!  Yay!  Anyway, it's late and time to get some shuteye, but I just wanted to take one quick second to thank you all for being part of our lives...we are so lucky and blessed and are grateful for each and every one of you...WE LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mister Seth

I just wanted to give a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY shout-out to my dear husband!  I love him so much and am blessed to be able to share my life with him :)  Happy Birthday Panda - I love you forever <3

Me and Seth sharing a Birthday cupcake at La Pizzeria :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm so GLAAD to be Me :)

Hey there!  Well, this has been one heck of a busy and draining last week, but it ended with a bang!  After a grueling week of school [only broken up by Seth and I celebrating St. Patty's Day/2 years since we first met over some Mexican food...yes, we ate Mexican food on St. Patty's Day :) ], Seth and I headed to NYC on Saturday morning for a quick trip.  Recently, I received an e-mail from a professor at my school who was giving away her ticket to the GLAAD (Gay-Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Awards in New York.  In the gay community, the awards are kind of a big deal (like an Oscars type thing), so I sent in an e-mail explaining my story and why I wanted to go.  Long story short, she like my essay and selected me to represent her at the event.  So, after finishing up my school work and dropping off Honey at PetsHotel (sad face!), we were off and away to the Big Apple...and needless to say, it was awesome! 

Honey made a friend on her way to PetsHotel!
Times Square by our hotel.
 The ceremony was so much fun!  In addition to being sponsored by Rokk Vodka (who provided an open bar hehe), there was great food, lots of nice freebies in our gift bags (plus I even won a $100 gift card to American Airlines), and did I mention the celebrities?! :)  The honorees this year were Ricky Martin and Russell Simmons (music executive) and the event was hosted by Andy Cohen (VP/Host on Bravo TV).  I got pictures with Ricky and Andy :-D and met a lot of really nice attorneys from the DC area who want to meet with me and help me on my law career journey.  Sadly for me, I was solo at the event because tickets were $500 and Mister Seth decided to pass :) Instead, he went on an open-top bus tour of the city and got some great pics/learned some cool bits of info. about the city.  After the awards were done, Seth met me at the Marquis and we headed out to meet some girlfriends for some dancing and fun times in the city that never sleeps!

Ricky Martin and me :)
The event stage.
Photo of the city/Brooklyn Bridge courtesy of MegaSeth Bus Tours
Sunday morning it was back to reality (I had to escape for a little bit) and time to head back to the District to get back to work!  Although Seth and I are both working hard, we really are loving life and enjoying the experience of living in Washington, D.C....which we can't wait to share with Jack, Mindy, and Evie in 2 (two!) weeks!!!  Let the countdown begin!!!  Until the next time - love and hugs - xo!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Were A Party Planner

Why hellooooo there!  Tis the end of another weekend, and this one is coming to a close quicker than I want it too (especially thanks to a little thing called Daylight Savings!)  Anyway, this past week has been Spring Break...but it hasn't been a break at all...I actually think I have been busier this week than when I'm actually in school.  It's funny because when we got in the car yesterday, Seth asked me why the drivers seat was so far back and, after thinking about it, I realized I hadn't left the house (via the car anyway) since the weekend before when Seth drove home from National Harbor...I have spent pretty much all day, every day writing my Note for the Journal Competition.  Now, while I really have absolutely ZERO desire to actually be on one of our school's journals, it is considered an honor and employers look highly on those who participate so, thanks to our friend the economy, I am doing everything (including journal) to be as competitive as possible!  At least the assigned topic was interesting: constitutional or not - the memorial crosses on Utah roadsides.  I just can't get enough of UTAH :)

Last week :)

This week...I think there is a common theme :)

Anyway, enough about school...let's get was Spring Break so, although I did spend all DAY in the house, most NIGHTS were pretty fun :)  Between Mardi Gras festivities on Tuesday, a networking event (with free, open bar) on Thursday, and a wonderful date night of a three course meal and wine pairings at a Greek restaurant downtown on Friday (courtesy of Seth's hard work for getting a bonus in the form of a gift card), it was actually quite a good balance of work and play!

Em and I eating some gumbo for Mardi Gras!

This weekend has been good so far a lot done and gearing up for the last two months before SUMMER :)  Not that I'm counting ;)  Between the usual weekend chores, wedding stuff, and school, I'm freaking wiped...but not wiped enough to cancel our get together last night with Seth's friends from college!  I swear, I sometimes think I should have been an event planner and saved all these student loans :)

Seth and Honey are my two bundles of joy :)  Seth had a crazy busy week at work getting stuff ready to send to the printer (his company publishes visitors guides for DC) but he got it done in Mega-Seth style!  We are both excited (and yes, COUNTING the days) for Jack, Mindy, and Evie's visit (less than a month!)  Honey can't wait to meet them either!  Speaking of Honey, she still loves her new home :)  Her nickname is Diva because, well, she's a DIVA!  Yesterday, we took her to Petsmart to get her nails trimmed and, when we walked in, the groomer gave us our money back because she said Honey wasn't having any part of it :-P  Now I know what parents feel like when their kids misbehave haha!  Oh Honey :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Break?

So I've been thinking and my creativity on these blog posts has been lacking it might be because I've been so busy and not getting enough sleep, or it might be that I'm turning into an attorney (scary music playing in the background), but whatever the reason, I'm gonna get it fixed and inject a little bit more Brandon into these :)

Anyway, speaking of's SPRING BREAK!!!  We had our last class on Thursday and are off all this week - hooray!  Well, OK, not so much hooray but yay? kinda cool?  OK, well at least a quick cheer for not having to go to class!  As a first year law student, your Spring Break is actually really lame!  It's filled with writing a brief for your writing class along with a journal article for those who wished to be considered for the school's law review.  On the upside, break marks the official "I'm more than halfway to summer and not having to go to class at all" point :)

The weekend has been fairly chill compared to a typical weekend.  Friday I spent all day doing school stuff (so I wouldn't feel guilty for the rest of the weekend).  Saturday, Seth and I met Mom and Aunt Carol at the Gaylor National Harbor Resort for Mom's belated Christmas present.  We spent the night and enjoyed massages, good food, and fun times!  Like Carol said today: "Amazing how much fun we can have and food we can eat in 24 hours."  Hahaha - sad, but true :)

Me, Carol, Seth, & Mom in the atrium of the Gaylord.

As for my better half, Mister Seth is doing well.  He is working hard and constantly coming up with new, cool ideas to make us we just have to act on them :)  Honey is doing reBARKable hehe!  One of my best girlfriends, Emily (aka Auntie Em), took care of her for us while we went to the harbor.  Honey had a great time but her daddies were glad to pick her up and bring her home :) 

Pictures truly are worth 1,000 words :) 

Well, that's about all for now, but hope all is well - have a wonderful week!!!