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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Happy, Hurricane-filled Halloween

Howdy everyone!  This Blog comes to you on a Monday night courtesy of Hurricane Irene J  School was cancelled today AND tomorrow (as was Seth’s work – hooray!), so I’ve had a ton of extra time to piddle today – a.k.a. Blog time!!!  And after a busy week last week, I’m loving this extra down time to recoup from a fun-filled weekend!

This weekend, we celebrated Halloween with our friends…and it lasted the whole weekend J  To kick things off, we headed to Poolesville, Maryland for the infamous Markoff’s Haunted Forest.  The haunted forest is an outdoor haunted house that takes about 15-minutes to walk through, obstacles and all.  This was our third year going, and it never gets old.  It’s about an hours drive to the middle of nowhere, but well worth the effort.  We always start by having dinner at the local tavern before heading in to get scared.  This year was the first time for many of our group, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!  After heading back from the forest, we all stopped in Bethesda for a little fun at Veronica’s favorite pub J

Brooke, Matt, Veronica, Seth, and Rachel at the Haunted Forest.

Me, Emily, her sister, Matt, and Doug at the Haunted Forest.
On Saturday, we hosted a party at our place, so most of the day was spent preparing for that.  To make it even better, Whitney, one of our girlfriends from Utah was in town for a conference, so she was able to join us for the festivities.  The party was really fun, and we even sponsored a drink making contest, with a prize to the person who made the most spooktacular cocktail…unfortunately, mine was a little too strong for most people, so I did not emerge victorious hehe!  After winding down here, we all headed downtown for some dancing in DuPont.  It was fun and we got quite a few compliments on our costumes…they were so good, we even got asked several times to take pictures with people J 

Snow White, Jasmine, the Queen of Hearts (back);
Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty (front)

Rachel, Veronica, Me, and Seth (a.k.a. Genie) at fun!
Sunday was recovery day, and Veronica even stayed over and watched TV/ate Mexican with us (a perfect way to spend your Sunday!)  We took her home just in time to avoid the first bad weather from lil’ Miss Sandy.  Speaking of which, other than the on-and-off power situation, we’ve enjoyed a nice, stormy day in the casa…and are excited that we get to enjoy another whole day at home tomorrow too!  In fact, depending on the transit situation, we are all planning to have a hurricane brunch tomorrow…so wish us luck J

Veronica was, erm...recovering :)

Seth and Maggie enjoyed a long Sunday nap :)
Well, that’s all for now!  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers throughout the hurricane.  We were very blessed to have been impacted in such a minimal way and hope that those who were really affected are OK!  Much love to them (and you, of course) until the next time!

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