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Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's Almost Time for Halloween!

Hello again!  It's been another busy (but fun!) week, and time continues to fly by!  To start it all off, we welcomed our newest niece, Kennedy, to the family...and boy, she is precious!!!  Congratulations Jay and Tina...we can't wait to meet her!!!

Baby Kennedy :)
With such a wonderful start to the week, nothing could top it...but the rest of the week was pretty great too, so that's a plus :)  Between some happy hours and time with friends, the week seemed to fly by...which is good, because it meant the weekend came even sooner!  Speaking of which, the weekend started with a bang: Kathy Griffin's hilarious comedy show at DAR Constitution Hall!  For those of you who aren't familiar with her, she's a red headed comedian whose jokes are mostly about celebrities -- and we LOVE her!  After the show, we went for a stroll downtown and grabbed some pizza at District of Pi (the best Chicago style pizza outside of Chicago!)

Kathy Griffin...great show!

A (somewhat blurry) shot of the White House at night.

Taking a stroll in Downtown D.C.
Saturday, in the spirit of elongating Halloween as much as possible, we had our first of many Halloween parties :)  It was actually a lot of fun: great food, pumpkin carving, and good times!  We always enjoy spending time with our friends...we always have so much fun!!!

The table of tricks and much yummy food!

Pumpkin carving reminds me I'm not much of an artist.

The result of our pumpkin carving...can you tell which is mine?!
Well, as you can see, it's been another busy week...and now we're all pooped and ready to wrap things up and get ready for another week!  

Couch snuggle session :)

She looks so sweet while she's sleeping...but don't be fooled hehe!
That's all for this time, but have a great week and we'll check in again next weekend with many more pictures and stories :)

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