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Sunday, October 14, 2012

And I'm Not Even a Baseball Fan...

Hey there!  It's been another week, and somehow, it seems as if life has revolved around baseball playoffs...and I'm not even a baseball fan :)  I guess between the Nats being in the playoffs (and freaking blowing it in the last seconds might I add) and all my friends who are Yankees fans, I should have expected it...but still :)

This week the stars seemed to align so that Seth and I weren't both crazy at different and could actually enjoy some time together during the week :)  One of our favorite adventures was going to the Beacon Sky Bar in DuPont.  The bar is on the rooftop of the hotel and we enjoyed a great view of the city, amazing weather (probably for the last time this season), and yummy food and drinks...and of course, each other's company :)

A view of downtown DC from the Sky pretty!
This week, we also celebrated National Coming Out Day.  As part of Lambda's Executive Board, we organized an event where we passed out name tags to the student body that said "Hi, I am..." and the students would write "gay," "lesbian," "bi," "ally," etc... in an effort to support those who are scared to come out.  It went great and many students participated, showing just how much progress the movement is making!

Me and Daniel at the Coming Out Day table.
The weekend was fun...starting with Bar Review on Thursday...which ended with Chinese food at was extra delicious :)  Friday we went to a happy hour that my friend Veronica won, and enjoyed our friends and America's favorite pastime!  Somehow, that night also ended with food...but this time is was a burger, fries, and ice cream...uhoh, waistline!  Saturday, we went to a party with our friend Emily.  It was actually really fun, especially because, in honor of the season, it was pumpkin themed...yum!  To end the night, and also in honor of the month, we went to a German brewpub and enjoyed some Oktoberfest!  Now it's time for Sunday night TV and some relaxing to end a great weekend :)

The remnants of our Chines!

Me, Patrick, Colleen, and Anna at Sign of the Whale.

Some crazy lady got arrested outside the pub...great people watching!

Maggie was tired from the weekend...such a cutie!
Well, that's about all I've got for now, so until the next time, much love and a millon hugs :)

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Munchy's Mama said...

Bizzz-zzzay boys! Love you. Great to see your faces today.