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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chris Mouse is in the House!!!

So, for those of you who aren't familiar with the story of Chris Mouse, we need to rewind about 24 years to when Seth was a little boy.  At Christmas, Seth's Mom, Jack, used to invite Petey the Elf to come to the house to visit and bring treats to the kids.  It was a miracle and they were lucky little kids to have a Mom that knew a REAL ELF!!!  Well, as Seth got older, Petey decided he needed to retire and take a break from all the hard work he had done at the Longhurst household.  Then, when Seth had almost forgotten about Petey, he got a note last year from Petey saying that he would be sending a new friend to check in on him...and that visitor was none other than Chris Mouse (yet another one of Santa's little helpers!!!)

Chris Mouse stopped by to spread some Christmas cheer :)
 Anyway, Chris Mouse is in the house and is here to spread cheer til the end of the year!!!  Hooray!!!

Our tree...and of course our computers :)


Munchy's Mama said...

OOOOOOHHH!! I miss Petey!! I'm hope-hope-hoping that St. Nick will send Petey to come stay with my kids for Christmas!

You are sooo cute and so thoughtful!

Brandon Roman said...

santa will call you soon i think :) maybe petey will visit soon too ;)