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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Part 2

Well, it has been QUITE a busy past week but it has been SO GREAT!  We got up SUPER early last Wednesday and headed to BWI where we hopped on our flight and made it safely to Salt Lake.  Got our rental car (which was upgraded to an SUV big enough for a typical Utah family haha) and headed downtown for a haircut (no, we didn't fly all the way to Utah for a haircut haha) and then off to Seth's former employer's Christmas party.  After a long day of travel and fun, it was off to Chrissy and Ryan's for a good night's rest.  The next day was spent resting up and tying up some last minute Christmas stuff.  That evening, Seth, Jack, and I headed to the Canyons Resort in Park City to do the tasting for our wedding reception and there is only one word to describe it...YUMMMMMM!!!!  Can't wait to share that special day with you...and it's less than 7 months away :)

Most of the rest of the time was spent with Seth's family...eating, visiting, eating, playing games, and - oh yeah, did I mention eating :)  Seriously, this New Year's is a time of reckoning for me to hit the gym and prepare for the marathon in March, but I digress haha!  We had Christmas Eve dinner and opened presents with the fam at Chrissy and Ryan's and spent time between their home and Mindy and Josh's.  Us uncles got lots of quality time this visit and had a great time being with our family!  The Monday after Christmas we even had time to go down to Salt Lake and visit friends at our annual Friend's Christmas Dinner - good times!  Anyway, so much went on and the time passed quickly but we loved every second of it!  Like I said last time, the Holiday season really makes you take a look at your life and appreciate all that you have been given...and for me, although I have been blessed with so many things and opportunities, the most amazing part of my life are the people in it...and YOU are one of them and I love you for it :)  Well, it's about that time to head off to our New Year's Eve festivities but I will talk to you all in 2011!!!

The fam opening presents on Christmas Eve :)

Me, Dayton, Uncle Seth, and Evie <3

Mindy gettin down to my new Wii dance game...good times!

The whole crew (almost) at our Friend's Christmas Dinner!


Linze Kate said...

Totally cute! I got the Christmas card you and Seth sent - so fun! AND, I already marked July 24th on the calender. :) Love ya!

Munchy's Mama said...

It MADE the holidays having you guys out here. I love you so much and miss ya like crazy. But it's about quality, not quanity right?

Good luck with your last week off. Soak up plenty of R-n-R so you'll be fresh for next week! (: