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Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 Down, 1 To Go!!!

Well, it's been one LOOOONG week...but time is a tickin and my first semester is quickly coming to a close!  This week I had my Torts exam on Monday (3.5 hours) and my Contracts exam on Saturday (4 hours) and MANY hours of studying in between...and after having taken both exams, I think (and HOPE) it paid off!  I took all the allotted time and really feel confident in my performance, so I guess now it's time to focus on my last exam this coming Thursday and wait to see how I do...and I hope you will all love me no matter what cause I really did try my best...but hopefully my best is a 4.0 :-D  Anyway, check out the picture study sessions are pretty ridiculous!

Why, yes, that IS a burrito :)  
 Other than studying, Seth and I took a break on Monday night to celebrate the completion of my FIRST exam and went to a Holiday Party for WACA (the Washington Area Concierge Association).  it was a good time and a nice, much needed break!  Spent a little bit of time Friday trying to do my good deed (for some extra Exam blessing of course) and volunteered in our foreign language legal clinic doing some interpretation for people filing their naturalization papers and it was actually really cool experience!  Other than that, Seth is keeping busy working hard (and finishing our Christmas card!)  and life is good...and before you know it the break will be here and it will be Christmas - yay!!!  Hope all is well for you and look forward to seeing you soon!  Love and hugs til next week :)

Christmas is getting closer and underneath the tree is getting fuller :)

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Linze Kate said...

Your tree is SO cute! Love it... How did the rest of the tests go? Hope smoothly... I'm rootin' for you! :)

Merry Christmas to you and Seth! :)