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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Night to Remember (Sort Of!): Kris' Bachelorette Party

As I mentioned in my last post, we were traveling on Seth's actual birthday...but I failed to mention that it was Kristin's (Brooke's cousin, whose wedding I am in) bachelorette party in NYC!  So, right after Carol's surprise party, Seth, Brooke, and I headed up to New York to kick off the fun!  We didn't get in until after 2:00AM, so we hit the bed as soon as we got to Kristin's...and luckily we did, because it turned out we would need that rest the next day :)

Part 1 of the festivities involved having high tea at a historic mansion in the Deer Park arboretum.  Kristin's two younger sisters weren't old enough for the evening fun, so we wanted to include them in something a bit more low key.  I hadn't ever been to a high tea before, but it was SO YUMMY!  Between the tea, scones, and sandwiches, I was one stuffed little piglet when we finished!  Then, full of tea and crumpets, it was off to the city for Part 2!

Walking to the mansion...which I hear is haunted!

Our tray of food...YUMMMM!!!

A view of the NYC skyline.

The second part of the night was so much fun...maybe too much fun :)  We checked in to our hotel and somehow managed to get upgraded to the penthouse, which even had its own balcony...SWEET!  After some pictures and last minute primping, we hopped in a cab and headed off for a crazy night!  We had organized the entire night (and pre-paid everything!) with a party planning company, so everything went smoothly.  We started with dinner (including an open bar that lasted all night!), then hopped in our limo and headed off for the pub crawl...which ended with dancing and some much needed sleep!!!

A view from our big deal :)

Melissa, Amanda, Kristin, Brooke, and Me.

The ladies and Sethy.
After some sleep (definitely not enough!), we said our goodbyes and headed back to reality :(  Now I'm counting down the days until we're back in New York for the wedding...less than two months!  I'm so excited and couldn't be happier for Kristin and you two!

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