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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wrapping Up Another Week

Hi there!  Last week flew by so quickly that the Blog is a bit behind!  It was a week of celebrating (post-Election victory!), but also of starting to crack down and get ready for the end of the semester!

Celebrating Four More Years with a toast :)

The girls were so tired from a long Election Night!
This weekend, Seth and I kicked off some downtime with a nice date night at this yummy, authentic Italian restaurant (Odeon Cafe) in DuPont, followed by a margarita with Veronica at El Centro...which turned into a Salsa dance club, which led to a craving for Jumbo Slice :)

Saw this pink limo downtown...maybe for my Birthday :)

Jumbo Slice!!!
Saturday was a busy day!  In the morning, a group of us played softball in a DC-wide law school softball tournament.  Although we were more like the Bad News Bears (without the comeback part), we had fun and enjoyed some beers and Bloody Mary's on the Mall!  That night we headed to NOVA for our friend Matt's performance.  He plays in a band called "Rounding Down," which plays mostly rock and had its first live performance at a cafe in Fairfax.  As you can see below in the video, Matt rocked it and we all had a good time!

Our team: "Where My Pitches At!?"

 Veronica even got to visit Wal-Mart for the 1st time!

Matt on the guitar during "Hey Jude!"

 A preview of Matt's guitar skills!

By the time we got back on Saturday night, we were Sunday was mostly a day of rest (like the good boys we are) and a time to get ready for another week!  Time continues to fly though, and the semester is nearly done!  After Thanksgiving, we're in the home stretch and I will officially be in my LAST semester of law school...crazy!!!  As for me, that's all I've got this week...but more to come soon!!!  Much love until the next time :)

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