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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  It's been a nice weekend and I can't believe it's almost over...and that means finals are almost here :(  But luckily, they will be done and over with soon enough :)  I've been lucky enough to have Seth and all my East coast family around the last few days, and I wish it would last just one day longer!  On Thursday, we picked up Andre from the airport and headed to Fredericksburg for the weekend.  I made my mac'n'cheese, Mom made green bean casserole, and Dad made the turkey and rest of the fixings...and then we ate...and ate...and ate!  It was yummy and, as you can see, led to some afternoon naps!  

Does this look like enough turkey for five?

Dad and all the fixings...delicious!

Seth and the pups were full and ready for a nap!
After a day of Turkey and relaxing, we woke up from our comas for another day off...although, thanks to exams, I spent most of my days studying - boo!  But don't worry, I still made time to have some fun :)  On Friday night, we all went to Sakura (a Japanese hibachi grill) to celebrate the trifecta of November birthdays: Andre, Dad, and me!  It was de-lish and a fun time!  Speaking of fun times, we were lucky enough to have time to meet with our family friend, Michelle, and her beautiful baby girl, Zoe, for dinner on Saturday - they are both so wonderful and we love them :)  To wrap up our trip, we headed to Dad's on Sunday for some pancakes and unwrap his (early) Birthday gifts.  Happy 29th Birthday Dad (hehehe!) - we love you!

Mom and Baby Zoe :)

Dad unwrapping his Birthday gifts 
After a yummy breakfast, Seth, the pups, and myself headed back to D.C. (and didn't hit Holiday traffic - hooray!) to wrap up the week!  I can't believe that Turkey Day came and went already...time flies!  But time never flies to fast for me to express my gratitude the things I'm thankful for...and YOU are among them!  I've got the best family and friends in the world and appreciate it every day!

I'm thankful for Seth (especially for putting up our tree!)

Honey & Maggie are grateful to Grandma for their cookies!

Grandma sure spoils her granddogters :) These cookies look YUMMY!
Well, that's about all for old (27 years old now!) body is getting tired and I've got a busy day of work ahead, so for me it's off to bed :)  Until the next time, I love you all SO MUCH!  xo

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