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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Quick (and Boring) Update

Hey all!  Just so you all know I'm still alive and kicking, I figured I'd give a quick shootout to say hello :)  I'm about halfway done with Exams - 10 days left until freedom and summer officially begins!  I'm actually really excited for this summer, Seth and I (and our girlfriends/wifeys) have lots of fun planned... but first I have to finish up these pesky exams!  So far, I'm done with one exam and one project, and have two exams left and one presentation to keep me in your prayers, and pray for an A!  :)  Other than that, life has been pretty low key, so I will try to spruce it up with some pics...but until the next time - much love and xoxo's!

Honey's glad that Daddy is home studying, but thinks I am boring!

Audrey, Seth, and Veronica at the last Bar Review

Me, Veronica, and Audrey at the last Bar Review

Some deeelish Puerto Rican food...sketchy place, but yummy!

Ugh, so much studying, not enough coffee!

Protein Shakes are my study treat!

Honey likes to look out the balcony and take in the view :)

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