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Monday, March 26, 2012

A lil' Diddy 'bout Atlantic City

Hey again! Another week has gone by and it's time for the weekly update before I hit the hay tonight :) I'm actually not as tired as I thought I would be after a weekend in Atlantic City, but I still need my beauty rest so I'll make it quick :)

This weekend (after a fairly busy week at school), Seth and I headed off to Atlantic City for Brooke's brother, Sean's, graduation from Coast Guard training.  All of her family flew in for the weekend, so of course we had to head up to meet them! We actually got in just in time to play a little bit before resting up for a full, fun-filled weekend!  On Saturday, we got up and hit the tables for a while before taking a break from our sorrows (thanks to Bally's!) to go see "The Hunger Games!"  :)

Coolest margaritas ever: instead of salt on the rim, it had Salt Air!

A view of the Boardwalk from our room.

After taking a break from the city for a bit, we headed back for dinner and then went to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. It was pretty fun: fortune telling, spinning rooms, and lots more crazy things...I felt right at home :)  Then, to end the night, we all went to a comedy show at the Tropicana - and and it was actually super funny!

Finally, someone who made Seth look short :)

This lady read my fortune!

The Throne of Love said Seth was "exciting!"

This room spun around, so you could barely walk straight to exit!
On Sunday, after a fun 36 hours, we got up and had breakfast with Brooke's fam before hopping in the car and heading for home! It's always fun to  get away, but it's also just a nice to pick-up Honeychild and have a nice, relaxing Sunday at home...which is exactly how we spent the afternoon :)  Unfortunately, Monday is just around the corner, so it's time to buckle down again and get 'er done!  But never fear, I'm sure next weekend will bring fun too...especially since a little birdie told me it was someone verrrrry special's birthday :) Until then, however, much love and wishes for a wonderful week!

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