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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Down the Freeway and through the Swamp, to G-Mom's House we go!

Hey there ya’ll!  My Southern roots have taken hold (for a little bit at least) thanks to our visit to South Carolina J  After making it through a crazy busy week (one of the busiest yet!), it was time for SPRING BREAK…so next thing you know, we packed up our stuff (along with my sleepless self) and Seth and I headed south of the border! 

South of the Border...literally!

Jen (one of my best girlfriend’s since high school) and I happened to have coinciding Spring Breaks this year, so we decided to meet in the middle and arranged a trip to see G-Mom and Tony (Jen’s grandparents) who live in Bluffton, South Carolina.  I hadn’t seen them since they moved down there from Fredericksburg, but when I walked in the door, I saw that they hadn’t changed a bit…freshly baked cake waiting for us, along with friendly smiles and big hugs!  Seriously, I can’t overstate how amazing the two of them are (they are basically my adopted grandparents!), and they were the best hosts you could EVER ask for J  So, after saying our hellos and eating some cake, we all hit the hay to rest up for a fun weekend!

On Saturday, Jen, Seth, and I headed to Savannah, Georgia (only about 20-minutes away from their house) to check things out.  Seth hadn’t ever been south of Virginia, so in a matter of hours, he had visited three new states (North/South Carolina and Georgia).  After arriving in Savannah, we had to drive around forever to find parking, because our visit just so happened to coincide with their annual (and WELL atteneded) St. Patty’s fest…and it was pretty cool…there was a concert, green beer, and lots of fun!  We took a stroll down the river walk (with a Wet Willy in hand, of course!) and then walked uptown and visited a local establishment, Jen and Friends, in honor of our friend Jen…but we ended becoming friends with Jen and her friends (literally) and learned all the places to visit in Savannah…and it’s surprisingly a fun little town!

Savannah, here we come!

Jen and I at Savannah's pre-Saint Patrick's Day festival - fun!

Seth and Jen at Seed, Savannah's organic martini bar.
After a fun day in the city, we headed home for G-Mom’s famous spaghetti!  She remembered I liked it, so she made the noodles and sauce from scratch…and it’s especially nice since she can’t even eat the spaghetti due to her gluten allergy!  I sure am glad she made it though, cause we scarfed it down and enjoyed every second of it J 

G-Mom's Spaghetti...ah-mazing!
On Sunday, G-Mom and Tony gave us a tour of Bluffton (Tony is the City Manager) and showed us all the sights, while also convincing us why we need to move to Bluffton J  After our tour, we headed to Hilton Head Island, and boy was it pretty!  Even though it was overcast, the weather was SO nice, and reminded me of how jealous I am of anyone who lives around palm trees (I miss them!)  Once we finished our tour, we headed home to eat some more…can you see a theme developing here?  G-Mom is famous for feeding her guests, and spent the day before cooking and baking all our favorite treats (which we gladly ate, and even got to bring home with us!): a cheese log, cookies, brownies, etc…  For dinner, we had homemade strawberry-lime margaritas before heading to their favorite Mexican restaurant…yum!

Hilton Head's famous lighthouse.

Seth, Jen, and I hanging out in Hilton Head.
Me, Seth, and G-Mom - all ready to go...and goodies packed too!
When we woke up today, we were both bummed to have to say goodbye, but are so glad that we got to spend a fun AND relaxing weekend (we both needed it!) with Jen, G-Mom, and Tony!  Luckily for us though, we will get to see more of them soon between Jen’s graduation from optometry school in May (Florida trip!) and the 50-mile race (yes, 5-0!) that we are running in Virginia next month…but those are both stories for a different day J  More Spring Break Updates to come, but much love until then!  

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Munchy's Mama said...

Wait a said grandparents? Nah, no way? G-Mom looks way to young to be anybody's G-ma.
Looks like they were great hosts and you guys had a wonderful time!