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Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Inspiring (and FUN!) Weekend!

It's that time again - another week down, another week closer to Spring Break :) :) :)  And what a week it was...crazy busy with school (typical!) and playing catch up from too much fun :)

To wrap up the school/work week, I attended the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Board Meeting (it's the company I work with this semester).  My job for the Conference?  Taking minutes...and boy did I work my little fingers to the bone...all 13 single-spaced pages worth!  But although my job was to take notes, I really did enjoy the Conference and left feeling so proud to be working with HRC in the fight for marriage equality!  Most of the time was spent reviewing the organization's strategic plan, but we had a really interesting program during lunch that was full of wonderful speakers...including Governor Martin O'Malley, the Governor of Maryland.  I was so honored to meet him and left feeling inspired by his speech!  For those of you who don't know, Governor O'Malley introduced the marriage equality bill that just recently passed in Maryland! Now, with Maryland (and Washington state which passed a similar bill recently), that's 8 states, along with D.C., which allow marriage equality...and with the momentum on our side, true marriage equality is only a matter of time :)

Hard to see, but this is Governor O'Malley inspiring the crowd :)
After the Conference was over, I met Seth and our friend Tensie (law school wife #1) for dinner and drinks before heading to Mixx, the Conference's after-party.  Good times!

Most of the rest of the weekend has been spent study, study, studying like a good lil' law student...but Saturday night I rewarded myself with a break to go to my Aunt Tita's 70th Birthday party, followed by a house party at our girlfriend Veronica's (she is another of my few law school wives!)  We had a blast, and enjoyed getting to see everyone - good food, good company, and good times!  Plus, Seth even got to practice a little bit of his español :)

Dad, Tita, and Seth at the Party.

Happy Birthday Tita!!! (If you haven't tried tres leeches cake, you haven't lived!)

Veronica and and games :)
As for now, it's Sunday night TV time (I'm trying out a new show called GCB...short for Good Christian B's...and I kinda like it!)  Time to wrap up, but until the next time...much love!  Spring Break, here we 4 days :) 


fred said...

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Munchy's Mama said...

Look how cute Papa Roman and Tita look! HBD Tita! And yay for tres leeches, yum!

And very cool that you got to hear such an inspiring speach.

:0) :0) :0)