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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Andrew Comes to Town!

First things first...although this Blog may be a day late, is sure isn't a dollar short...and luckily for me, my Monday is over and I'm ready to write this thing :)  After a busy week last week and a crazy-fun weekend, there's lots to report and not too much time to do here goes nothing!

Last week was spent trying to get ahead and ready for this weekend with Seth's baby bro Andrew.  Although I did take a break to go to a movie screening at the White House (pretty cool!), it was mostly work...but never fear, the weekend brought lots of play to equal out all the work :)  On Thursday, Andrew flew in, and it was a non-stop par-tay until he left! 

Honey loved Uncle Andrew!!!

To kick off his visit, we headed downtown for dinner and drinks, and called it an early night to rest up for a day of touring the city on Friday.  Luckily for Andrew, the tour guide extraordinaire was available on Friday to take him on a tour of the city :)  His favorite spot?  The Air and Space Museum, where he was more the tour guide than I was (he is a helicopter mechanic after all!)  After a day full of sightseeing, we headed home to meet up with Mista Seth for a fun night on the town...after all, we had to show our younger bro that age is just a number :)  We started at a wine bar on U Street, followed by dinner, a comedy show, and more :)  Needless to say, we had a good time and headed home to get some rest for another busy day in D.C.

Seth and Andrew at the Riot Act Comedy Club
On Saturday, we showed Andrew what a D.C. Brunch was all about...bottomless mimosas, good food, and a nice, long nap :)  We met Amy and some of her friends to celebrate her new job with brunch at Beacon Bar and Grill.  Although we were pretty tired out from brunch (and so full we could barely move!), a little nap got us back in shape for another fun night!  We started in Chinatown and worked our way down to Arlington for some Karaoke at Freddie's Beach Bar.  As you will see below, both Seth and I had a good time and showed off our karaoke skills!!!

After making it safely home from karaoke, we hit the hay and got up for one last afternoon with Andrew!  We finished his visit with lunch in Georgetown, said our goodbyes, and Andrew packed up and headed back to Utah.  We had such a blast and hope that he (along with all of the O'Doyle clan) come back to visit soon!  In the mean time, I guess we will have to start planning our next trip out west :)  Until then, lots of love from us to all of you!

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Munchy's Mama said...

Uncle Andy IS so handy...did he come with pockets full of candy?

You guys are. the. best. hosts!!!
(Now we have to plan a trip, this time with Munch!)

Love you!