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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Semester is Going to be "Taxing!"

Hey everyone!  Sorry this is a little late, but this past week/weekend was crazy-cray!  School has officially kicked in and is really starting to consume me...I'm taking 17 credits, working as an Extern and Dean's Fellow, and volunteering with VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program) needless to say life is a liiiiiitttttle busy!  In fact, I spent most of my Saturday and Sunday in training for the VITA program - but I am officially certified and ready to do some taxes :)

Although most of my week was spent doing school, I sometimes make the tradeoff of sleep in favor of a little fun :)  A.K.A. I'm tired, but smiling!  One of my best friend's from law school and I have officially established "Revenge" night (an amazing show on ABC!) to served as our midway break for the week...and boy will I need that this semester :)  Seth and I were also able to make it out to a friend's birthday party this weekend and even did some Salsa dancing afterwards with some girlfriend's - fun times!  And luckily for us, we made it home just before the snow/ice hit, so I think it was God's way of saying he was glad we went out to have some fun :)

These glasses even made sweet ol' Seth look like a creeper :)

Honey looked so cute walking on the ice :)
Speaking of ice and snow, I forget how wimpy we are in DC when it comes to weather!  On Sunday night, I got a call from my boss at my externship saying that we would be opening 2 hours late on Monday (even though there wasn't really any snow), but I wasn't complaining ;)  My first day at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was great, and I am really excited for the externship!  My boss, Ty, is actually a friend of mine, and everyone else is really friendly and I think it's going to be a great time!  As for my work, it is a lot different than what I was doing in the Courts, but it is super interesting and I like it a lot!  My first day, I did everything from reviewing potential legislation in Oklahoma, to vetting Judges, to drafting testimony - and it's all for issues that I believe in :)

My office - right outside of DuPont Circle

Cheesy pose, but love the fleece my summer firm sent me to keep warm :)
Well, that's about all of interest I can think of (we were actually pretty boring this week!)  I hope that everyone's week is great so far - and hopefully it only gets greater :)  Love you all!

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Munchy's Mama said...

it...? Exhausting!

P.s. Seth looks like a creeper. love it!