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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Last Hoorah!

Hello again!  Well, school is officially back in session and I am back at it for my fourth semester of law school (can you believe it!?)  After getting back from Utah, I spent most of last week visiting with friends that had returned from break and resting up for my last weekend of freedom.  How to celebrate you ask?  Las Vegas is too far away (for now at least!), so we did the next best things: Atlantic City!  Seth, Brooke, her boyfriend Matt, and I drove up from DC and met Brooke's cousin Kristen, her boyfriend Rob, and their friend Amanda for a fun and crazy weekend!  As a matter of fact, the weekend doubled as Kristen's 30th birthday bash, and mine and Brooke's last hoorah before starting back to school...and boy did we make our 24-hour stay worthwhile :)

Me, Seth, and Veronica at Sushi the night before AC.

The East Coast Vegas = Atlantic City

The view from our room.
After checking in to our hotel, we headed to meet up with the other half of our party for a quick visit before heading off to play Blackjack.  I am definitely not a professional gambler, but I do enjoy playing cards.  I started off with $200...and ended with $200, so I call that a win :)  As a group, no one lost money and we actually walked away with about $1,000 more than we came with, so that was extra nice!  After our time at the tables, we grabbed some dinner and took a nap to get energized for the fun night to come :)

Since it was Kristen's birthday, we surprised her by getting bottle service at Mixx (AC's #1 nightclub) in the Borgata Hotel & Casino...and boy was she surprised and happy (she almost cried tears of joy!)  After checking in, we were escorted to our table and enjoyed an amazing night!  It was a little pricey, but totally worth it!  The dance floor was PACKED, but we enjoyed our own little private area to dance in...and my oh my did we (I in particular) dance the night away :)  The DJ/music was amazing, the venue was great, and the crowd was so much fun!  After about five hours of dancing, we finally called it a night and headed home around 4:00 AM for some pizza and sleep!

Ladies Night (hehe): Amanda, Kristen, me, & Brooke in the Borgata.

Seth, me, Brooke, Matt, & Rob at our table.

Kristen and I danced ALL night!
 Unfortunately for us, the next day happened to be the Giants first playoff game, so Brooke was up and at 'em early and ready to head home by 9:00 AM so that she could catch the kick-off (that is SO something my Mom would do!)  So, tired as we were, we said our goodbyes and headed home to chalk up another fun weekend trip :)  Needless to say, we spent the rest of our Sunday relaxing and getting ready to head back to reality!  And now that we're back to the grind, it isn't so least, not yet :)  But, I am pooped (just got home from a football party at our friend's), so I gotta hit the hay and get ready for my Tax Law class in the until the next time, much love and tons of hugs from me to you!

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Munchy's Mama said...

Wow. Check out those high rollah's.

Glad you guys had fun!

(can't believe you guys got up to be home by 9am, ugh)

P.s. Evie gets SO excited when we look at your blog so she can scream and point at her loveable uncles.