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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jahmeyka Mahn

Yah mahn, I'm writing you from Runaway Bay, Jamaica...or I mean Jahmeyka.  No problems here mahn :)

OK, enough silly talk.  For those who didn't know, Seth and I flew to Jamaica for a long weekend/belated honeymoon/mid-semester vacay...and it was much needed!  It's been a busy semester so far, so we both needed a break...and because I'm OCD and always on the go, I have to literally leave home to actually relax, so it was off to Jamaica we went!

We got in on Thursday morning and have been enjoying the food, sun, and people so much!  We booked our trip as a travel deal I found online.  It was kind of a pain to get booked (a.k.a. we were originally supposed to go to the Bahamas), but it worked out well :)  We are staying at Club Ambiance in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  It's an all inclusive resort, so we don't have to leave or spend extra money on food or drink...and we have totally been taking full advantage :)  Other than eating, drinking, and being merry, we've pretty much just been relaxing by the bay/pool and catching up on crazy adventures for us this trip :)  I am a little sad we have to leave tomorrow (the people here are so relaxed, I kind of want to stay!), but we are missing Honey Child and have a busy/exciting next couple of months to look forward to, so all is well!

Seth at our welcome dinner - yummm!

The view from our room.

The Entertainment Center in the courtyard.

Coconut Bar and the courtyard.

Me soaking up the sun.

Runaway Bay :)

Legends Bar is legendary!

The bay was beautiful and makes me want to move here :)
 As you can see, the trip has been a blast, and we just won the trivia contest, so that means we get a going away prize at 9:00 tonight :)  Guess I better go rest up and enjoy my last bit of time here...much more to come next week!  Until then remember: "one love, one life, let's get together and it'll be alright!" :)

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Munchy's Mama said...

Me be jealous mahn! Looks amazing. I want some! Well deserved for both of you! Glad you're having a great time.