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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Family Frenzy

Hiya my dears!  So this weekend was fun...and I sort of reverted back to being a little boy :)  But first things first.

The week got off to a good start with a Tuesday night birthday celebration at Guapo's for Emily's birthday.  Then, on Friday, after a typical (and long) week of work and school, Seth and I had our Friday night date night :)  This week, we used a Groupon and went see a comedy show at Riot Act (DC's newest comedy club).  I knew the night was going to be great when, at dinner, the chef messed up our order, and we got a free pizza to take home with us :)  The show was funny and we even ran into some people from school (DC is actually a freakishly small town after you've lived here a while). 

Cellphone pic of my cousin (Jose) and Lil' Grandpa :)
Feliz Cumpleanos Emily :)
Mista Seth at Riot Act pre-show.
Now, as for me being a kid, this weekend Seth and I planned a trip down to the 'Burg to see Mom and Dad...and most importantly, to make a trip to the Pumpkin Patch :)  I hadn't been since I was a little kid, so I figured it might be fun to get away from the rigors of law school and retreat into being a toddler :)  It was actually really fun!  We went and got some yummy food, enjoyed the pig races (oh yeah!), and picked some pretty pumpkins (after riding the hay tractor to pick them of course!).  Although we had already had a long day, Mom (quite the party animal) wanted to go to the movies, so we went to see "The Ides of March"...and it was actually so good that I didn't fall asleep (which is rare for me these days!). 

Dad, Mom, & Seth outside the hay barn (equipped with rope swing).

 This morning, we got up and (after showing Mom how to use her new computer) headed to Dad's to paint our pumpkins.  To end our trip, we made our typical lunch stop via La Pizzeria and headed home with bags of goodies and some nicely decorated pumpkins to adorn our apartment.

Mom & Honey Child playing :)

The Pumpkin Painters hard at work.

Seth was tuckered out from all that painting.
Well, it's about that time again...but luckily we don't have to cook dinner tonight, because Dad sent us home some pre-made BBQ pork :)  So, I'm gonna go grab some din din, but much more to come next week...including a Blog post...from Jamaica :) 

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Munchy's Mama said...

You need to post a pic of those punkins' so you can show off your mad painting skills!

Looks like so much fun.