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Monday, October 24, 2011

Clients, and Lawyers, and Judges, Oh My!

Hey everyone!  Hope all is well with you...this past week has been pretty busy with the whole law school thing for me...especially after trying to settle in from Jamaica :)

This week, we hosted our Jurist in Residence Program (it's a week long event where we invite a judge from the the U.S. Court of Appeals to come and visit with students).  As part of my role as a Dean's Fellow, we helped organize the lunch/dinner with our visiting Judge (this year it was Judge Wynn of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals).  The events went off great and I enjoyed getting to know yet another Federal Judge :) 

With schoolwork behind me (sort of) for the week, I got up on Saturday morning for an event that Judge Cordero (the Judge I am working for this semester) was participating in.  She did a good job (of course!), and then I met my girlfriend Emily for lunch and shopping before heading home to get ready for Cocktail Club!

This is what I came home to...someone had a lil' accident!

What is Cocktail Club you say?  Well, I stole the idea from my sister Marissa, and basically everyone comes up with their own drink recipe, brings the necessary supplies, and we taste/vote on a winner - so much fun!  We hosted the first (of what we hope to be many) Cocktail Clubs, and I got to show off my Betty Crocker skills :)  Although it was a close call, my recipe lost in a drink off with Matt's (Brooke's boyfriend) he got the Cocktail Club Cup (it's a decorated cocktail glass/trophy that travels with the winner until the next time). 

Brooke and Matt: the winners of Cocktail Club.

After Cocktail Club, Seth, Brooke, Matt, and I all headed to Marakoff's Haunted Forest (we went there last year) for some haunted fun :)  Got home late, but got up in time to enjoy a busy but productive Sunday!  As you can see below, some of our day was spent playing with Miss Honey Child :)  We sure do love her, and are glad she is a part of our happy family :) 

Little Red Riding Honey :)

Honey got a bath with her special shampoo!
Well, not much else more to share (and not much more energy to share it!), but Seth and I went over our upcoming week (and next several weeks) and there is much more coming up to share :)  Until then, much love! 

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Munchy's Mama said...

Cocktail Club? Sign me up!

Lil' Red Honey Hood looks soooo dang cute! Love that girl!