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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Seven Stages of Law School

So I was talking to a girl in my section the other day, and she was mentioning that she had read about the "Seven Stages of Law School" and was still trying to figure out exactly where she fit on the scale.  Well, I wasn't too familiar with this but, when I looked more into it, this is what I found:

1) Shock/Denial
2) Pain/Guilt
3) Anger/Bargaining
4) Loneliness/Depression
5) The Upward Turn
6) Working Through
7) Acceptance/Hope

Well, while I'm sure this can be used for many things besides law school, lets just say I'm in the process of Stages 1-4 all at once right now so I think its pretty applicable hahaha!!!  The end of week two has kind of brought me to the realization that the next three years are definitely gonna put up a fight...but I'm gonna win it :)   For real though, as much work as it is and stressful as it can be at times (like the fact that 3 of my 4 classes are all based 100% on the final exam) I am SOOO loving school and enjoy getting up every day and being able to immerse myself in something that I have dreamed about since second grade!  School has kept me busy between the hours of reading and the beginnings of some memos I have to write.  This past week I even had the opportunity to attend the D.C. Superior Court and watch some cases being heard which just confirmed to me even more that I made the right decision to come to law school...and thank God its the right decision or else I would be pretty upset when those student loan bills started rolling in ;)

Other than school, life has been moving along and Fall is just around the corner.  Seth has been keeping busy between his job and the freelance work he does on the side.  He is quite the worker bee and I know he is glad I'm a little more occupied than I have been in the past so I'm not bored and waiting for him to finish on his computer haha ;) We have been using whatever spare time is left and splitting it between visits to the fam in Fredericksburg (where we are heading tomorrow for Labor Day weekend festivities) and doing some fun stuff here in the city with other family and friends!  Lastly, just as a public shout out, I want to say extra thanks again to Mista Seth for all that he does to make my life easier and better every day...thanks babe - you're the bomb dot com and I love you :) 


Munchy's Mama said...

We're so proud of you both! We are so lucky to have such hardworking, professional uncles that are truly an inspiration to us both.

Love Dayton & Evie!

Brandon Roman said...

awww :) love YOU too!!!