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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

School's Out FOREVER!!!

Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I am OFFICIALLY DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL!!!  :)  Hooray!  Since I was in the tax clinic this semester, I only had one actual law school exam – which happened to be on the first day of testing, so I got it out of the way in time for a much needed break!!!

Sethy and the pups...LOVE THEM <3 td="">

My first day off: resting up and TV with the pups :)

As you might have guessed due to me being MIA on the Blog, the past few weeks leading up to my exam and wrapping up clinic stuff have been pretty busy…but as you may already know about me, I made sure to put down the books to make way for some fun!!!  In fact, it seems as if people knew I was in the process winding down, as several friends came to town…and my schedule actually permitted me time to visit with them!!! 

Me and my missionary buddy, Jake!

Me and Klint, a friend from SLC!

Speaking of friends, with law school quickly coming to a close, we’ve been trying to soak up every last moment we can with our friends who are leaving D.C. for greener (and prettier!) pastures after graduation.  Tensie is off to Miami, Yas is off to Philly, and EmDem is off to San Fran (to name a few!)…so our posse is soon to be missing some of its key members :(  On the upside, at least they are all three moving to places I enjoy visiting., since I now have an extra excuse to hop on a flight to visit :)

Me, Brooke, and Veronica at Sign of the Whale.

Me and Tensie at MOVA Lounge DC.

Emily and me pre-Tropicalia.

Me, Mandy, and Tensie at JR's pre-drag show :)

My friend Matt (center) a.k.a. SiSi...and he won :)

Now, with things all wrapped up, I have two weeks until graduation (and only a week and a half til my bar exam review starts - BOO!!!), so I’m trying to enjoy this downtime as much as possible…starting with a trip to Miami :)  Seth, Emily, Matt, and I  are currently at 30,000 feet and jetting toward the sunshine state, so expect more adventures to come soon!  Until South Beach, much love and wishes that a big ray of our sunshine shines down on you :)

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