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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to Memphis!

Howdy y’all!  I’m back from Memphis and feel real southern, ya hear me!?  Although it was a pretty quick tip, I definitely got my fill of the South (literally and figuratively!) and had a blast in the process!  I flew down to Memphis on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with Dr. Jen, who is doing her residency there.  It’s still hard to believe that she is a real doctor and in the beginning of her career as an optometrist! 

The Memphis skyline.

Downtown Memphis.

Beale Street!

It didn’t take long after my arrival before we were having fun (Jen and I can evern have fun attempting a 50-mile race, so this was great!).  We visited for a while at the house before heading to meet her friend for sushi and a night on Beale St. (it’s the main drag in downtown Memphis and super fun!).  We visited quite the array of establishments: dueling piano bar, a pool hall, and a live music venue…and had too much fun in the process.  In fact, at the pool hall, the loser of the game (Jen) was treated to a shot of tequila, which made for a fun photo/video op hehe J 

Jen is quite the pool player!

Classic vending machine: chips, candy, and cigarettes - haha!

Me and Jen closing down Beale much fun!
After getting some rest, we got up on Saturday to being the main activity of the weekend: eating!  We went to Central BBQ and I had BBQ nachos…A-MAZING!!!  Wish I could have brought some home, but security probably wouldn’t have let me L  After being stuffed full of BBQ, I got the full on tour of Memphis: Jen’s school/eye center (where she put me through the ringer of eye tests!), the Peabody Hotel (where I got to see the Peabody Ducks march – so cute!), and even Graceland/Heartbreak Hotel (which was a little run down – oh my!). 

Central BBQ pork nachos...AH-MAZING!

Dr. Jen!

Playing with medical stuff like a little kid :)

Testing my vision...I can see!

 The world famous Peabody Ducks doing their march!

The Heartbreak Hotel was a wee bit sketchy!

Graceland: Home of the King

After a full day of fun (and post-nap, of course) we met with two more of Jen’s friends for a trip across the Mississippi River to Arkansas for bowling.  I’ve also dubbed this Honey Boo Boo’s home…same difference.  We had fun bowling (I broke 100, which is great for me) and had even more fun people watching J 

Me and Jen at Eagle Lanes...great people watching...and bowling too!

Want some fries with that cheese? :)
Today, we had a lazy morning, followed by more eating.  This time we went to Gus’ fried chicken (apparently world famous, and for good reason!).  Also, as I was checking in on Foursqaure, I randomly noticed that a friend of mine happened to be in Memphis, so Ben met Jen and I at Wet Willie’s for one last hoorah before heading to the airport.  

Gus' World Famous Spicy Fried Chicken...YUM!

Ben and I at Wet Willies.
I had so much fun and, as ready as I am to be home to my family, I’m not quite ready to get back to work…and lots of that awaits.  But never fear, this week Maureen, one of my favorite ladies, is visiting, and next week we’re off to NYC…so lots of fun to keep me going J  Speaking of fun, that’s gonna take lots of energy, so I better sign off and get some rest…but much love until the next time!

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