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Monday, February 18, 2013

Struck by Cupid's Arrow

Hola!  It's been another fun-filled and super busy week, and boy do I wish I had an extra day to myself!  Oh well, who needs sleep anyway? :)  This week I was truly burning the candle at both ends, because I was slammed with school (boo!) and my girlfriend Maureen was in town for a conference, so I got to spend quite a bit of time with her (yay!).  

My bar prep books (all 40 lbs.) have arrived :(

At least the pups got some rest :)
Since school isn't very exciting to write about (and I would rather recap the fun instead) I won't bore you on those details and will move on to my Maureen-filled week!  Originally, I was only going to get to see Maureen once, but the conference she was here to attend ended up allowing her more free time than she had thought, so we got to see each other every night she was in the city :)  In fact, Maureen's boyfriend Dave even flew in from San Francisco for part of the trip (it was their anniversary and they are doing long distance right now since he moved from Denver for his job), so we made extra sure to have tons of fun!  Between a few speakeasies, Mardi Gras, and lots of catching up, we thoroughly enjoyed having Moe and Dave come to visit :) 

Welcoming Maureen to DC with hookah at Gazuza Lounge.

Emily, Maureen, and Seth at the Bayou for Mardi Gras.

Me, Emily, and Maureen post-gumbo coma :)

The entrance to P/X, Old Towne's speakeasy.

These drinks were AMAZING!

Maureen and Emily on King St.
Maureen's visit also couldn't have been more perfect timing-wise, as we all got to celebrate love together on Valentine's Day :)  Seth and I met Maureen and Dave at another speakeasy (this time in the District) called The Gibson...and it even had a live cabaret - so cool!  After pre-diner drinks, we headed to dinner at Boqueria, the first of this small chain of tapas restaurant outside of the Big Apple...and my friend Adria happens to be the manager, so we got VIP treatment and enjoyed an AMAZING (and way too filling) dinner!

A Valentine's surprise from Mom :)

Seth and I at The Gibson.

Maureen, Dave, Mischa, Brooke, Me, and Seth at Boqueria.
After bidding farewell to Maureen in our post-Valentine's Day food coma, I spent most of the rest of the weekend playing catch-up from playing too much during the week :)  Nevertheless, I just couldn't resist taking a break on Saturday night, so Seth and I met Emily, Matt, and Doug for a game of pool in Old Towne.

Seth and I almost won...but we came up short :(
To wrap up the week, Dad came up and went with us to my cousin Maritere's house for a nice family meal.  My aunt Tita is in town visiting, so it was nice to see her and have yet another wonderful meal!  Now if only food were calorie-free, life would be perfect :)

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Munchy's Mama said...

I wish you could here Munch and Evie, they get so excited when they see pics of their uncles.

Love you guys!