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Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Official: Summer is HERE!

Hello again!  This message comes to you from 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean…Seth and I are on board our flight back to D.C., so I am making the best use of my time and writing my Blog for you J 

But…before I start talking about all the fun, let me first tell you about week one of my new job!  I began work on Monday and absolutely LOVE my firm and all my coworkers!!!  I’ve kept busy and am ready for an extra day off tomorrow to rest up…I’ve been getting up every day at 6:00 to go to the gym and get to work early, and usually get home around 8:00, so you can see it’s been bu-say!!!  The first week was very heavy on training, but I really feel prepared and am ready to work and prove myself!  In addition to the work, the firm also makes sure that the summer associates enjoy their time at the firm by taking extra special care of us…a.k.a. my waistline may be expanding J  I’m so grateful for the opportunity and look forward to a wonderful summer…and hopefully many years more to follow J

Friday, in honor of Memorial Day weekend, we closed early, which means I got out of the office just in time to hop on the Metro and head to meet Seth at his office so that we could head to the airport!  This weekend my friend Jen graduated from Optometry school in Ft. Lauderdale, so we flew down to celebrate.  We got in Friday night just in time to make it to the big party for Jen (and her other best friend, Mike) before heading out on the town for some good times!

Jen and I, the morning after!

Saturday morning we got up and met Andre, who hung out part of the day with us as we enjoyed the beach and holiday festivities.  There were live bands, street vendors, etc… that were part of the Memorial Day beach party.  I joked with Andre and Jen that I would probably have failed out of law school if I had gone to school in Florida…it’s too nice to ever want to leave the beach and actually work!  After soaking up the sun, we cleaned up and got ready for more fun!  Later that night we met with Jen’s family for a celebratory dinner before heading downtown to meet Andre, who showed us his stomping grounds. 

Me and Seth enjoying food, sun, and fun!

Andre and I in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Sunday morning we picked up Andre and headed to the W hotel for a beachside brunch.  It was good food and good company and we’re glad that we finally got to spend some time with Andre on his turf…we even got to see his dog, Zeppelin, who was as excitable as Honey J  After brunch, we said our goodbyes and headed off to the Bank Atlantic Center for Jen’s graduation.  I am so proud of her and can’t believe she is officially a doctor…crazy!  She will be great, and I’m glad that I can now get free eye care J  Shortly after Jen crossed the stage and got her diploma, Seth and I bid the Idoni family adieu and ran to the airport to catch our flight! 

Congratulations, Dr. Jen!

After a whirlwind of a weekend, it will be nice to be home, get some rest, and enjoy a fun Memorial Day with our friends tomorrow…but that’s a story for another day J Much love and many hugs until then!