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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Is, As Busy Does

Hey ya'll!  Sorry I've been slacking on here lately...but I'm back in action!  Actually, school/work were dominating my life the week before last, so writing a Blog post would have probably bored you anyway :) Nevertheless, we still managed to do some fun things so as to have something to share!

For those who don't know, we love brunch!  In fact, we love it so much that we've formed a Secret Brunch Club :)  Our goal is to try all of the best brunch spots in D.C...all the while taking our mind off of law school and getting in a little weekend relaxation!  Last week (before forming our 17-member Facebook group haha), we went to Level One, and I was happy that Becca (my friend from BYU) accompanied us!  Actually, it was perfect timing since Becca leaves for Mali at the end of the month for her job with the State Department.  In other foodie news, my friend Tensie and I have turned Friday afternoons into a weekly soiree :)  We meet up to get our Vitamin D (courtesy of the tanning bed hehe) and flit around downtown enjoying the city!  This week, we went to CoCo Sala (a restaurant that incorporates chocolate into pretty much everything i serves!) and it was delicious!  So, as you can see, law school might keep me busy, but I refuse to be a dull boy with all work and no play :)

Me and Becca at one last brunch before she leaves :(

The Cocojito (chocolate mojito) - AMAZING!

Workouts are required with all my food intake...
see the heart sweat stain? :)
With all the galavanting around, we still make sure to have some family time :)  Last night we drove to Baltimore to celebrate my Aunt Tita's birthday, and man was there a lot of good food!!!  My stomach can't take all this eating...but a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do :)  Oh, and since we are talking about family time, you will see from the video below, our little family is quite silly...but we sure love each other, silliness and all!

Seth and Honey go Bollywood :) 

Other than family time, we are very luck to have so many amazing friends :)  As a matter of fact, we had an impromptu party last night and had a great time!  Although the initial plan was to meet and visit at our house and then head out on the town, the winter weather (and Metro rail work) put a kink in our plans and forced us to stay home...but it sure made for some funny stories :)  

All our girlfriends LOVE Seth...but not as much as I do :)
Well, that's about all I've got this, it's bed time and this boy has lots to do in the morning :)  Until next week, much love!


Munchy's Mama said...

Bwhahaha! What in the world was that? LOL! Is that what Seth is doing while you're out soiree-ing? I can't tell if Honey is smiling or growling...too funny.

Love you! Glad you're gettin' some much needed 'Brandon' time.

Irene Morgan said...

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