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Monday, February 28, 2011

Half Way...Almost!!!

Can I just say, this has been one busy week!!!  Between mid-terms, assignments from the Brief I work on, and other school stuff, I am more ready for Spring Break than ever!!!  Seriously though, school has pretty much consumed my life (more than usual) so this week has been pretty boring (just judge for yourself from the picture below)...but it won't be boring for much longer :)

The weekend was obviously exciting :)

 Most exciting moment of the week: losing my keys!  OK, so I need to preface this story by explaining that I only have one pair of car keys (I lost the other pair two years ago when I worked in Ohio) and have been needing to get a copy since then.  Mom, always being the first to say "I told you so," has been reminding me to get a copy made and, last week, I finally agreed to take it to the dealership next time I went to visit.  Literally the next day, as I was taking Honey for a walk, I pulled out her treat bag and must have pulled my keys out with it!  As we got back to the house, I reached for my keys and no luck!  Luckily we have a concierge to let us in, or I would have been stuck outside waiting for Seth (and I had to be at a meeting, so that would have been no bueno!)  Anyway, I learned that an all-wheel drive car, parked in a garage, with no key is pretty hard to actually took two tow-truck drivers to get me out...but they did it!  Long story short (and $300 later) I learned my lesson and now have a key to my car again!  I guess mother's always right :)  Adios until the next time!

My baby at the dealership via the tow-truck