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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a Wonderful Week

Hey there!  First, sorry I slacked off this weekend in the Blogosphere...I kind of had a boring week (a.k.a. school, school, school) last week speckled with a couple of job interviews.  I didn't really want to bore you, but, now I have a fun update or two to share :)  First, speaking of interviews...I got a job!!!  I will be working as an intern in the Federal District Bankruptcy Court of Maryland (in Baltimore) for Judge Nancy Alquist.  I am SO excited - working for a judge (especially on the federal level) is great experience and one of the best things first year law students can do!!!  Like I said, the Court is located in Baltimore, so it will be a bit of a commute but will TOTALLY be worth it!  I feel like a real adult haha - I will have to take the train into work, I get my own office, and (from what I understood in my interview with the judge) will be given a lot of freedom in my work and play a key role in her chambers...luckiest. boy. ever.  After the interview, I felt really good about working there, especially since it's only the judge, her clerk, her assistant, and her scheduler/decorum person a.k.a. I will get a lot of face time with the judge and have a chance to really put into practice everything I have learned so far!  Also, on a funny note, it's all ladies in her office, so I will let you know how it goes, although I think I will be just fine haha :)

Good morning, Baltimore!!!

Anyway, enough about school and it's time to talk about LOVE :)  Valentine's Day was Monday, and Seth and I celebrated with a low key night at home.  We made take and bake pizza and ate that for dinner with a salad, chocolate pastries (and Mrs. Field's cookies via Aunt Carol), and red wine/pink champagne (gotta keep in the spirit of things!) and then relaxed with some TV and an early night's rest...does that mean we are getting old!?!?  Anyway, I'm glad Cupid struck me with his arrow, cause I sure do love Seth :)  Besides that, nothing much new to report, but hope all is well for each of you!  Enjoy the rest of your week - it's on the downhill side now!!!  Love you all and will talk to you soon!  xo

Valentine's Day dinner <3

All you need is a ring, a book, and a flashlight <3


Munchy's Mama said...

Way-to-go!! So excited to hear about the job. Sounds perfect!

Glad you two love birds had a good V-day!

I love you both!!

Linze Kate said...

Y'all are too cute. Love you.