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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time for Family Time

Well thank goodness for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day...celebrating human rights and a day off school...what could be better!?!?! :)  For real, with no class Fridays and then a day off this past Monday, I had a four day weekend after my first full week of school...and I could sure get used to it!!!  Anyway, the long weekend was fun but this week made up for any extra rest I got!  As you all know, this semester is not only filled with school but it's busy with searching for jobs and such.  This week we had an internship fair at school with lots of potential employers, and Thursday I went to the Hispanic Bar Association of DC to network and meet local attorneys.  So far  no job offers yet, but I have two second interviews and lots of applications out wish me luck :)

As is typical for our Friday nights, Seth and I were in the mood to celebrate the welcoming of the weekend!  Since this week was Restaurant Week, we took advantage and went to a yummy dinner at Couer de Lion downtown...SO good!!!

Seth chillin (literally) on the patio :)

After a good date night, I made us some German pancakes Saturday and we packed up and headed down to Mom's for Uncle Skeeter's birthday party with the fam.  Between the good food, amazing cake (courtesy of cake maker extraordinaire Aunt Carol), and wonderful company, we had a great time and enjoyed our first visit down to Mom's since 2010 :)  Today, we got to use our gift cards for massages/pedicures and loved having a pamper day with Mom (although I wish I didn't have to intermingle school work!)  After a yummy lunch with Mom and Dad at La Pizzeria, it was back up to DC for a last bit of time before another week of work and school!  Every time we cross the Potomac and drive through the city on our way home, I still lose my breath when I look around an realize we are living in Washington, DC - life is good!  Anyway, had a nice Skype date with the Utah fam and now it's time for dinner and on to another week!  Hope all is well with each and every one of you...and always know you are loved very much by the two of us!

Uncle Skeeter and his grandkids (William, Ethan, Logan, and Kylie)

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