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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm One Lucky Boy!

Well this has been a GREAT week!  School started off kind of slow and didn't really throw too much at me this first week (which I really appreciate!) and it's a three day weekend (for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) so I don't have school on Monday - hooray!

So many great things have happened this week it's hard to know where to begin, but I guess the best place to start is with updates on my summer job hunt.  While I do not have any firm offers yet, I had two interviews this week regarding an internship with various federal court judges and I got offered a second interview on both of them - so keep your fingers crossed!  To boot, I have almost all my grades back from last semester and am very please with the results...looks like I might be cut out for this whole law school thing after all :)

Self-portrait on my way to the interview :)

And the luck didn't stop there.  This week I won a contest from Dr. Oz for a free pair of Nike shoes!!!  Since I got new shoes for my birthday, we got Seth some running shoes so we are both ready and equipped for the DC Marathon in we just need to start the whole training part haha!  And speaking of lucky, we are the luckiest people in the world because we have the BEST friends and family out there.  This week our friend Whit (from SLC) came to town and we got to spend some time with him.  Since I don't have class on Fridays, I made Whit a birthday brunch and enjoyed catching up on gossip :)  Friday night, Seth and I met some friends from school out for dancing and drinks downtown and it was SO fun (Section 1 is the BEST!!!) 

On Saturday, Seth and I met our friends Beah and Matt downtown to get our cars detailed (Seth got me a two-for-one coupon at Christmas to get this done) and as we pulled up, much to our surprise, the Secret Service, police, and hotel security were EVERYWHERE because there was "a VIP in the hotel."  Gotta love DC!  We suspected it was China's President (who was in town this week) but then also wondered (judging from a lot of the people in the lobby) whether it might have been the President of India.  Either way, it was still pretty cool...oh, and the car looked great by the way :)  To end the night, Seth and I met Whit and some of his friends downtown and then headed home to rest up from going out two nights in a row...hey, we're not spring chickens any more :)

Me, Seth, Whit, Tim, & Dan.

PS: Sorry this pictures have been so blurry lately. I take most of them out and about with my phone, so when they are downloaded to the Blog, they are never as crisp as originally but you get the idea :)

Anyway, not much else besides school work and relaxing going on for the rest of the weekend, but I hope this finds you all well!  Have a wonderful week and know the biggest reason we are so luck is not because of free shoes, good grades, or potential jobs, but because of each and every one of you who we love so much!  Til the next time - xoxo!


Munchy's Mama said...

Of course you're cut out for this law can do anything!

You won yet another contest? Do they have the Lotto in DC? I mean really.

Good luck with the job hunt and happy 3 day weekend.

Love you!

Brandon Roman said...

haha - i think we should start playing the lotto now that you mention it :)