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Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Longer BARred From Having FUN!!!

Why hello again…remember little old me?!  I sure hope you do, even though it’s been a few long months since I last posted anything – but I swear, I have a good excuse J  After two and a half LOOOONG months of studying, I took the Virginia Bar Exam at the end of July and am currently awaiting my results (we find out October 31st, so it’s going to be the best or worst Halloween of my life!).

So as not to bore you too much with bar exam talk (and TRUST me, it’s boring – just ask Seth!), I’ll start by sharing some highlights from the summer that I somehow managed to fit in despite my all-day study sessions J 

Before the bar kicked my but into hyper speed (a.k.a. 16 hours a day of studying) for our post-July 4th final review, we were lucky enough to have most of our good friends stick around for the summer for some fun!  Between pool time, cookouts, and visitors (and studying, of course!), this summer FLEW by (except July, when life seemed to move slower than a freaking tortoise!).

Me and V post our unsuccessful attempt to move in her couch :-/

Clam Bake at Brooke's - YUM!

Pool Day (sans the sun - boo!) with friends.

Fun on the town with Matt, Em, V, and Audrey post-Mary Kay par-tay!

Celebrating Maggie's Birthday (courtesy of Grandma Roman)

Maggie LOVED her treats - thanks, Grandma!

Celebration at Nellie's to celebrate the end of DOMA!!!

Me, Seth, and Whitney celebrating #marriageequality!!!

Em and I at Nellie's after a historic ruling at the Supreme Court :)


With my incoming co-workers on the Patton Boggs riverboat cruise!

Whit paid me a surprise visit over the 4th of July weekend!!!

DC always goes out with a bang for the 4th!

Our house the morning after the 4th...I guess we had a good time :)

To wrap up July, a very happy 2 year anniversary to me and Mista Seth <3 td="">

In addition to fun times in D.C., we had two weddings that beckoned us out of town during the first two weekends of June.  One of my close friends/Brooke’s cousin Kristin married Rob in New York – and I was lucky enough to be part of the bridal party J  It was a blast!  They are Italian, so the food was out of this world, plus we all love to dance, so I worked off SOME of the calories on the dance floor! 

The Franklins at Kristin and Rob's rehearsal dinner.

The Three Musketeers: Me, Kristin, and Brooke

Kristin and Rob's first dance :)

Franklins + Photobooth = Trouble!!!

Seth and I boogying down!!!

The very next weekend one of Seth’s best girlfriends, Emily, married Ryan in San Clemente, California.  We got to ring in our visit by celebrating Emily’s bachelorette party and soaking up some southern California sun J  The wedding was also amazing, right on the beach with quite the handsome minister (hint hint, Mega Seth!).  As with Kristin’s wedding, we rung in their marriage by dancing til the sun came up!  We sure are lucky to have such amazing friends are happy for both of the new married couples!

Whitney, Sarah, and Emily at Em's bachelorette party!

A view from the ceremony...b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

Emily, Reverend Seth, and Ryan :)

Sadly, once July 4th hit it was all study and no play for this dull boy (although luckily July is now OVER!).  Honestly, I’ve done many challenging things in my life and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that taking the bar exam ranks at the top!  It’s a 2-day test (6 hours of essays one day, 6 hours of multiple choice the next day) and really puts you through the ringer! 

In Virginia, all test takers take the bar exam at one location: Roanoke, Virginia.  It’s about a 4-hour drive down, so I was glad that one of my co-workers to be, Sunitha, rode down with me.  She and I were actually good study buddies this summer and I’m so glad I had a friend there going through the same hell as me J  I’m also beyond grateful to Seth, Mom, Dad, and all my other family and friends for their love, support, and encouragement throughout the entire process  - I LITERALLY couldn’t have done it without you all!!!

My sentiments during July...

But Seth and the pups were there to cheer me on!!!

My study corner :-/

1,000 pages of outlines, 2,000 notecards, and hundreds of hours of study later...
hopefully I passed :) :) :)   FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Now, with the bar exam behind me (hopefully for good!!!), I’ve been playing catch-up on real life and enjoying some MUCH needed downtime.  I’ve had the chance to spend some time with friends before they head off on their next journey, enjoy some QT with Seth, the pups, and other family, and even managed to try and get my fitness back on and catch some rays J  One word: AH-MAZING!!!

Me and V = FREE!!!

Seth and Whitney at Larry Lounge celebrating Whit's last night in DC :(

Yas and I at a BBQ before she leaves for Philly :(

Happy Birthday to my cousin Maritere and her daughter Sofia!

Much of the Roman family at Maria and Jay's!

After such a busy summer, this about sums up our feelings...


And that about catches you up on the goings on of the Romanhurst family since my last post…but never fear, the adventures won’t stop here J  With all this behind me I feel a mile high (literally, since I’m writing from Denver haha) and ready for some more fun…so it’s off and away for us – next stop: UTAH!!!

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