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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ski Trip 2013

Why hello there!  It's been another busy week, but I got all rested this weekend :)  Seth, Tensie, Emily, Matt, and I packed up and headed to Wintergreen Ski Resort in the "mountains" of southern Virginia.  It was the PERFECT weekend and just what the doctor ordered: time with friends, skiing in the fresh air, and relaxing at the spa!  Since words can't express how wonderful the weekend was, I'll let the pictures say it better :)

Maggie likes to play in the snow :)

Honey helped us get all packed...sad she couldn't come :(

Climbing the stairs to our weekend cabin.

A view from our balcony - so pretty!

I wish we had a fireplace at our cozy!

Family Dinner at the cabin...pasta, salad, bread, and wine :)

On the slopes...such a freeing day on the mountain!

The moonlight on the mountain was so pretty!

Hot cocoa to top off our skiing adventures :)

Even skiing couldn't stop us from game night...we played dirty charades :)

One last view from the top of the "mountain!"
Well, as you can see, the weekend was picture perfect...but now it's back to reality and off to bed...another busy week awaits us in the morning :)


vacation package said...

This makes me want to go skiing right now! Gotta go, I'll will have my booking for a ski vacation! :D

Munchy's Mama said...

I love the pic of Maggie--so cute.

Looks like you guys had a lovely time.

Greeeaaaat seeing your cute faces today.

Love you!