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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Annnnd...It's Back to School

Hey there!  Well, I'm officially back to school and have begun my last semester of school...ever!  I can't believe I've spent 27 years of my life in school...and it's all coming to an end...kind of surreal :)  The first week of school was really low key, especially since all of my classes hadn't started yet!  I spent most of my time piddling and wrapping up a few loose ends from Winter Break before things start to pick up...but nevertheless, I'm going to try my best to keep things from picking up too much :)

Our Family Chalkboard Frame <#

My beloved Roomba has been hard at work :)
 This weekend was fairly low key...well, after Friday night that is!  I won a Happy Hour at Sign of the Whale, so a bunch of friends joined us to celebrate the end of our first week of class :)  We had a good time, but called it an early night...we had to get up on Saturday to head to Fredericksburg and celebrate my Uncle Skeeter and cousin Nathan's birthdays!  So up we got and off to dead Fred we went...and time with the fam was well worth the drive :)  It was fun to see everyone and eat some of Carol's homemade birthday cake...YUM!!!  I think Carol and Mom should have their own baking show...Carol suggested "Cooky Cakes" - hehehe!  I would long as I got to have some cake in return!  After a fun day with everyone, we headed back home to relax and enjoy some downtime at Casa de Romanhurst before another week!

Tensie, Brooke, and the gang at my Sign of the Whale Happy Hour.

Tensie and Brooke looking purdy :)

Me and my friend Grace.

Me and Tensie :)

A view of the construction in Fort Totten...coming along nicely!

Happy Birthday, Skeeter...we love you!

Honey and Maggie on the way cute!
Well, that's all for now, so until the next time - many hugs and much love!  

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