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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(Almost) End of Summer Update

Hi all - long time, no see...but I'm back in action and ready for a quick but EXCITING update :)

The last time I updated the Blog was heading into my last two weeks of work.  Well, my last bit at the office was busy and chocked full of fun, goodbyes, and worrrkkk!!!  Luckily for me, it all turned out well and last Thursday I was officially given an offer to return in fall of 2013 to start full-time employment as a full-fledged attorney.  All that stands in the way now if a year of school and that pesky bar exam...the first part of which I actually take on Friday!  If you'd like more information on the firm, please visit our website at:  I'm beyond thrilled to be at such an amazing place (voted the #3 law firm in the entire country to work for!!!) and will keep you updated about everything as things move along.

Other than that, its been a fairly uneventful few weeks other than celebrating our one-year anniversary and spending time with friends :)  But never fear, that's all about to change as we head off to Utah this Friday to wrap up our last few days of summer before school is back in session!  Until then, much love!!!

I love my lil' family :)

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Munchy's Mama said...

I love your family too!

And congratulations again!! (I never get tired of being excited and congratulating you and all your many, many accomplishments)and am still soooo excited, a full-fledged, "L" Word. Can't wait!

You're the best, way to go!!
3 days!!!!!