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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carly Comes to Town

Hi there!  Well, another busy week and times just keeps flying!  And this week was no fact it flew by quicker than we would have hoped...because our friend Carly came to visit and is already gone :(  

Carly, a mutual friend of ours from Utah, flew in on Wednesday night for a pharmacy conference...but lucky for us she stayed at Hotel Longhurst-Roman!  On Thursday, Seth worked from home (I had to go in to the office) and got to have lunch downtown with Carly...and they sent me pictures to make me extra jealous! :)  It was really nice to see a familiar face from Utah, and we got extra excited for our trip out west in three weeks!!!  

As you will see by the pictures below, we had a fun weekend!  On Thursday, we took Carly to Ping Pong for a wonderful outdoor happy hour before calling it an early night (since we all had to get up in the morning).  Friday night we headed to Old Town Alexandria to meet Mom and Dad for dinner at our go to, Il Porto.  It's always fun to visit, especially when the weather is nice and you can walk by the pier.  On Saturday, we went to my friend Sunitha's brunch before cleaning up for a little get together at the casa.  Veronica and Tensie came over to meet Carly and head out for a night on the town...including A LOT of dancing - yay!  This morning we got up and took Carly to the aiprort and have enjoyed a day of playing catch up and gettin 'er done :)  

Aunty Carly with Honey and Maggie J.

Carly and Seth on the pier.

Milla, Me, Sunitha, and Beth at brunch.

Carly had a lot of fun at Cobalt.

Me and Veronica gettin' our groove on!

Mista Seth and Me.

Well, that's about all for's time to lay out my clothes for tomorrow and get my beauty sleep....hasta la vista baby!

1 comment:

Munchy's Mama said...

Tell me Carly gave you another taste of the "Time After Time" debut she did at your wedding?? :-) She is so my hero.

Looks like fun! Love you guys and can't wait!!!